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Helpful Daily Psychic Protection Ideas

According to experts on psychic phenomena, energy flows within us all the time, and this is but a very natural process. These psychic experts also contend that there is a “subtle balance” between the energy of your body, and your spiritual self. Thus, a higher spiritual energy or source is always there, flowing in the universe, and unseen or unfelt by mere mortals. Experienced psychics however, have the ability to connect with spirits, and with anything supernatural. Let’s talk more on what “psychic protection” is, and why it’s important that psychics need to defend themselves from dark and negative spirits, or from an increased sensitivity to all energies.

Psychic Protection - Is It To Protect Psychics From Evil Spirits?

One of the main goals of psychic protection, is of course to shield the individual from negative spirits, well yes from evil spirits too. The truth is that there are lots of negative, unwanted energies in the cosmos, and these run the gamut from random ghosts to “earthbound spirits”. Once a psychic channels or connects with these types of spirits, they are most likely to feel drained, and negatively affected in many ways. Thus, instead of connecting with negative energies or evil spirits, it would be much better  if the psychic connect or channel with his or her higher self, or with their guardian angels or spirit guides.

Psychic protection can also help the individual shield themselves from an increase, or overdose in sensitivity to all types of energies, whether positive or negative. For example, our skin provides one level of protection from the fluctuations in temperature. However, it could be insufficient at times, thus the need to wear clothes, to keep the body protected from the cold. An avalanche of sensitivity from different energies can drain the psychic’s energy, as well as make them prone to an overdose of negative energies which drain their intuition, and make them sick (both spiritually and physically).

What Are The Different Types of Psychic Protection?

There are actually different types of psychic protection used today. For some, the color of their shirt or interiors of the house can offer effective psychic protection. Color is actually used by religious and mystical organizations or groups, with white, blue and gold being the major “colors of protection”. Gold is often associated with the sun, which carries a strong “Yang”, or positive energies that are very forceful and eat up or break down any type of energy that’s not in harmony with it. White symbolizes vitality and purity, while blue carries or symbolizes a soothing, passive energy which neutralizes and purifies, as well as harmonizes what is projected into it. On a psychic level, symbols also are utilized, as they act like access codes for different or specific types of energy. For example, a shield, a lion, or geometric symbols such as the Star of David are used to provide protection. Nature and cosmic symbols such as the sun or moon, and water are also used.

Apart from symbols and colors, there are practically different types of psychic protection. From chants and prayers, to flowers and plants, you can actually use as many types of psychic protection, depending on the level of protection that you desire. In most cases, these types of protection can be very effective at enhancing the person’s intuition, and defending them from evil spirits or negative energies. 

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