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Have you met a clairvoyant medium?

Clairvoyance refers to the ability to obtain information regarding a person, a place or an event without the use of the known five basic senses. This may refer to extra-sensor perception. A person that has this ability is called a clairvoyant. The term "clairvoyant" most of the time means "the one who clearly sees". Most people say that clairvoyance involves paranormal and psychic activities that trigger one's perception about the unknown. Clairvoyance is highly controversial in some places because it explores the world of Parapsychology. This field deals with the possibility of paranormal phenomena which is known to be unacceptable in scientific terms.


Clairvoyant mediums are found in most parts in the world even in the old ages. There are anecdotes recorded that suggests their existence. Also, their abilities are explained. Before, clairvoyants are related with religious figures. This involves rituals, offices and practices that are made by people in that time. Impossible as it may seem, there are many reports that talk about people who were able to see their dead relatives. Nonetheless, there are counter attacking reports that dispute as such.  With this in hand, many reporters were able to create a study regarding this matter in order to deduce the real possibility and truthfulness of clairvoyance.


Understanding what a clairvoyant medium is, it's better to understand what both terms means. Clairvoyant was already defined above. Medium, on the other hand, is interrelated with the terms psychic and clairvoyant. These are dependent terms but has overlapping interpretations. Thus, implications arise to those people who are new to psychics. One may relate clairvoyant mediums to the following terms.


mental forces



extra sensory perception


In brief, 'Medium' means the ability of one to act as a channel. This channel is used to communicate with spirits - dead, divine spirits, angels, cosmic powers, guiding spirits, etc. Clairvoyance, when combined with the term 'Medium' may be referred to as the ability to visualize energies, images and visions from a communicating spirit. This visions may not only be seen externally but to what also lies beyond what a human eye seas. Clairvoyant mediums are said to be blessed with a very strong intuition. He/she may visualize future events that may guide another to his preparation for the better. We all know that being able to see things in advance is a great tool for preparation. Manipulation for a positive advantage is also possible due to the fact that the Clairvoyant Medium knows what might happen.

A good clairvoyant medium must clearly understand that the facts come from the spirit and not due to his brain processing his imagination. He/she may also undergo what psychics call as trance. This is a deep state similar to sleeping in which the medium allows spirits to control his body and senses. In this trance, the clairvoyant may be able to learn the facts and deliver them fully once he/she comes back from the trance to reality. All in all, a clairvoyant medium visualizes, listens and feels the energy present. These experiences may be interpreted, which is a part of his/her job, in such a way that is understandable to the people he/she is dealing with.


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