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Have some knowledge with Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot cards are widely used for fortunetelling, divination, meditation, answering questions of confused people, and for playing the tarot deck.  Tarot reading needs a deck of 78 cards that is divided into two parts called, the minor arcana and the major arcana.  The first part is the minor arcana which composed of the regular deck of playing cards (56 cards) while the second part; the major arcana are 22 cards with images or symbols that are mainly used for fortunetelling and interpretation.

To be able to read accurately the cards while doing a tarot reading, the reader must first know the tarot card meanings.  Each symbol in the card has its own meaning that will then be interpreted during the reading.  Since the major arcana have the main cards used for reading, their tarot card meanings will be the main discussion in this article.

Let’s start with The Fool (The Spirit of the Aether) positive meaning refers to the beginnings of journey or a new life.  It is also a symbol for optimism, energy, and happiness while its reverse meaning refers to taking risky decisions and bad timing for new relationship.  It might also refer to the future decisions to be made.  Then the next card is The Magician (The Magnus of Power).  Its upright meaning refers to the materials things and willingness to take the risks while its opposite means being confused or lack of inspiration.

Tarot card meanings have the positive side and negative side.  The individual card possesses both meanings.  Next card would be the, The High Priestess or Papess (The Priestess of the Silver Star), it refers to the feminine side of a male person, secrecy, and mystery that is yet to be revealed.  The negative side means problems due to lack of harmony or ignorance.  The Empress card (The Daughter of the Mighty Ones) refers to abundance, wealth, and financial stability.  Its bad meanings would be poverty, financial problems, infertility, and unwanted pregnancy.  The next card is The Emperor (Son of Morning: Chief Among the Mighty) refers to being competitive, authority, power, and responsibility.  Its reverse meaning refers to weakness.

We already have the tarot card meanings of the first five cards in the major arcana.  Moving forward we have The Pope(The Magnus of the Eternal), the good side of the card pertains to wisdom, good teaching, counseling, and good relationships while the other side pertains to poor counseling, rejection, and bad timing for agreements.

Next is The Lovers (The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods) which refers to unions, commitments, and decisions about love while the negative refers to infidelity and romantic problems.  The Chariot (The Child of the Powers of the Waters; The Lord of the Triumph of Light) refers to victory and achievement of goals while the negative meaning refers to envy and disappointments due to high expectations.  The card named The Strength (The Daughter of the Flaming Sword) refers to optimism, energy, and generosity.  Its opposite refers to defeat and lack of will power.

These are just some of the cards in the major arcana together with their tarot card meanings.   Each person has different interpretation and understanding of the cards though, and to further study the tarot cards, a person can consult a good book about tarot cards.


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