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Have a psychic reading with your credit card

Have you ever considered having a reading with a psychic? Does it bother you that you have to personally meet up and allot a few of your hours for this? Worry no more, as you can contact a psychic and talk to them through a telephone line. It would be easy and it will be less hassle for the both of you. You can dial 1800 – 732 – 337 (1800 – READER) ask to be connected to a psychic and ask your questions and hear out their advices. This phone line is open 24/7 for Australian clients and is 100% scam-free!

On the website, https://www.psychic.com.au/, you can access the phone lines that you can contact for a reading. It also has all the other information that you need, like the names of the psychics that you wish to contact, their access codes and their availability.

So how do you pay for the services of the psychic if it’s just from the telephone line?

You can either use:

  1. Credit card

For this mode of payment, you must have a valid VISA or Mastercard. Here are the numbers to be contacted for a psychic reading:

  1. Australia – 1800 – 732 – 337; call are free

  2. New Zealand – 09 925 0444; there is a local/STD call rate

  3. USA/Canada – 1 888 22 22 338

  4. Other countries – 0011 44 870 495 8029; there is an applied international call cost

For your information, receiving of calls are not 24/7 in New Zealand, USA, Canada and other countries

Once you have contacted one of the numbers given above, an operator will answer your call and ask for your contact detail and your credit card details. You will initially be charged with the 15-minute reading which is the minimum time and it is worth $37 AUD. After the payment has been made, you will be connected to a psychic to be able to start the consultation. And if you wish to continue longer, then you might have to call the same contact number that you called and request to purchase another reading.

  1. Phone charge

This mode of payment is only accessible for our Australian and New Zealand clients. You would just have to contact these numbers;

  1. Australia – 1900 999 252; the cost of calls would be $2.97 AUD per minute

  2. New Zealand – 0900 800 80 the cost of calls would be $3.50 NZD per minute

There is no minimum time required, you can talk all you want but keep in mind that you pay the price per minute. When you call, you have the discretion to ask for the most in-demand psychic or you can talk to the next available psychic on the line. Although you have to know the Access Code of the psychic that you want to request for. The Access Codes can be seen on the website; https://www.psychic.com.au/. And also, do not forget to remember your member ID that they will provide to you after the sign up as you will need it through your next consultations.

They do not accept payment thru American Express although debit cards are approved and are okay to use. Also, if you weren’t satisfied with the reading, or a problem has occurred during the call, we are happy to give your money back.

Don’t you think that it is easy to avail a reading through the phone? You just have to visit the website, https://www.psychic.com.au/, and learn the information that you need. After doing so, call the hotlines, give your contact and credit card details, and choose a psychic that you wish to talk to. No need to meet-up, no time wasted, and no worries, your contact information and bank details are safe with us. So, what are you waiting for? Call now!


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