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What Are The Hallmarks of Honest Clairvoyants?

Derived from the French words “clair” and “voyance”,which mean clear vision, clairvoyance refers to the ability to get information about persons, places, things or events, without the use of the basic human senses.  The other term for clairvoyance is remote vision.  If you're looking for the services of a clairvoyant, but you don't know if the psychic is a fake or not, below are a few guidelines on how to evaluate the capability of a clairvoyant.

Honest ClairvoyantAre All Psychics honest?

Like in any other field of work, the psychic industry is filled with both reliable and professional psychics, and scam artists. The real psychics can often be found in established New Age shops, professional psychic fairs and exhibits, as well as in Spiritualist churches.  If you're looking for the services of a clairvoyant, make sure you get referrals from friends, family members, and even co-workers.  You can also search fro professional psychics in online psychic forums and message boards. 

How To Check If The Clairvoyant Is Honest

If you're looking for clairvoyants, remember that majority of psychics today are honest and reliable. These people have years of experience, and they are very much transparent in their dealings with customers.  They are ready to provide references of past customers, and they will even be more than glad to offer free readings to their clients. If you're visiting a psychic review site or forum, take time to read the comments and feedback, as these will provide you a better feel of how a certain psychic works.

What To Look For In A Clairvoyant

One of the hallmarks of an honest clairvoyant includes having a record of reputable practices.  While the Internet can offer you a wide array of psychic choices, there's just no real way of knowing if the psychics online are real or not, because some of the comments and ratings posted can just be advertising gimmicks or ploys.  To find reputable psychics, you can call the local Better Business Bureau, or you can also ask for advice from the local chapter of professional psychics.  A reputable psychic will also not immediately ask their customer for their credit card information.  If the person insists on getting your credit card details even if they haven't started yet, then it would be better if you move on and find another one.  

In addition, a credible psychic clairvoyant does not ask too much information from his customers.  He or she will only ask for the customer's first and last name, and will never ask for stuff like financial details or work history. Reputable clairvoyants also offer a more transparent pricing system.  They won't also double charge their clients after doing the reading. If you are seeing the clairvoyant in person, the appointment should never be prepaid, and you should only pay after the consultation is finished.  If you're asked to pay in advance, then better go somewhere else, to see what your future really holds.



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