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Guardian Angels Lighten Our Path

There are a lot of angels hidden beneath the sky. That is what we were told of by our parents and teachers. But remember the time when our parents first talked about angels. They were always referring to this single angel whom we had by our side ever since we were born. They serve as protectors assigned to each and every one of us, tasked to lighten our path. They are called “Guardian Angels”.

The concept of Guardian Angels first started when it was developed in the 5th century by the Christians in particular, by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. The study of angels has been tweaked for a lot of times since the 400’s. But the main sense of the angels undergoing some tutelary tasks is still intact up to the present day. As a matter of fact, our children of today know of Guardian Angels a lot.

The job of Guardian Angels is to of course, ensure the safety of the person, God tasked them to protect. They are to make sure that that particular person stays in the right path and avoid straying around the road of righteousness. They are to send prayers to God on that person’s behalf as well. So given these, the Guardian Angels deeds must be why when we are stuck in the morass of a problem, we are able to stand up and fight on. Oh, how thankful we should be to our Guardian Angel! Who knows, without them something very bad might have happened to us already! Well, you are reading this article so it shows that you that “something” didn’t happen to you as well.

People believe that God sends an angel to guide each and every individual there is. This belief was common in Ancient Greek Philosophy. Why, because the belief was alluded by Plato himself in Phadeo, 108. His belief was derived directly from Zoroastrianism. Several of the beliefs about Guardian Angels are supported by the Christian bible itself. Yes, the bible itself shows that Guardian Angels do exist! In the book of Matthew 18:10, Jesus says, “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones for I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven". In that statement, it clearly shows that Jesus himself mentioned the existence of Angels. Also in the book of Acts 12:12-15, it also shows statements about the existence of angels that were assigned to each individual for protection.

Given all these information, we now know and should believe of the existence of Guardian Angels. We should be very thankful that they exist to protect us because nowadays, we face endless numbers of temptations that would lead us to doing something wrong and straying from the right path. Well, we are humans and are gifted with intellect and reasoning. Even if there are angels around, we should always believe that even without them, we should still be able to recognize right from wrong. If only everyone knows how to do this, there would be no need of the tutelary services of these angels. Well, always remember to pray and say thanks to your Guardian Angel! He / she must be smiling right now by the fact that you are reading articles about them!


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