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Gifts of Psychic Mediums

There are different gifts of psychics as well. Those gifts are clairsentients, clairvoyants, and clairaudients. The statements below will explain their capabilities.

Clairvoyants are those mediums more in visualizing events. They are able to see spirits, situations, colors, things, individuals and signs. They utilize the minds’ eye to foresee these matters. They are able to have Déjà vu and premonitions. They may see signs that could help solve cases related matters to any situations. These people are popular of using crystal balls in their readings.

The second gift of psychics mediums is clairaudients. These gifted individuals are those who use their hearing skills thru their minds. It is easy for them to have conversation with the spirit world. Spirits talk more to these individuals in asking for help or solving the spirits’ unfinished business to a living individual that is why they can’t go in peace. They are mostly the people who are usually disturbed by the spirits.

Clairsentients can tell the spirits’ emotions and know their thoughts. Feeling what the spirits are hiding is what they are good of. They are good in consultations about why the spirit is disturbing the concern individual. It is about revenge, love, keeping that person safe and many more.

When you are a psychic, this doesn’t mean that you only have one gift. Some may have all types of gift or only two of it. As a newbie psychic you may have to consult the experts in enhancing your gift. Hence, some individuals are not fully knowledgeable to define that they are one of the gifted people. Instances may just give you hints that you own this kind of talent. 


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