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People are haunted by many things they do not see. They call it spirits, entities, apparitions, or elementals among others. There are also ghosts but how is it different in definition from the others? Ghosts are defined as the soul of departed living things, both humans and animals. Ghosts can manifest either invisibly or as a sheer shape. Ghosts are believed to have unfinished businesses in their previous lives. Ghosts usually lurk around the place or object they have the most connection with when they were still living.

There are different ways that ghosts make themselves felt, which is called haunting. Ghosts are classified on the manner they manifest. Two of the more popular types of hauntings are residual and intelligent. Residual haunting is when ghosts lurk around a certain location in the past. This location has a strong emotional connection and historical happening that hold the ghosts in it. Intelligent haunting on the other hand happens when ghosts make themselves felt in a very responsive and dynamic manner. Intelligent ghosts, from the term they are called, are those who have the ability to decide for themselves and choose what they want to do.

The appearance of ghosts is more commonly called apparitions. Apparitions happen when the dying or the soul of a person who recently died visited the person he has a strong emotional bond with. Apparitions usually happen within twelve to forty-eight hours upon death. In rare cases, apparitions happen more than once and with the person the ghosts do not know. Different stories on apparitions have circulated around. One of the more popular ones is ghosts that are called phantom traveler. These ghosts are the ones that lurk on highways, specific route, or vehicles. Ghosts are believed to be trapped between here and the world they are bound to.



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