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Getting to Know Your Empathic Psychic Gifts

A person may have several psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, ability to communicate with the spirit of the dead, telekinesis, psychometry, and many others. Aside from that, a person can also be gifted with an empathic psychic ability. Many individuals are not aware that there is such thing as empathic ability, and you may have this gift, but you are not aware of it. It is time then for you to discover if you have this kind of psychic ability.

So, what is empathic psychic ability? Empathic capability is the ability of a psychic to experience the same feeling the other person is feeling. An empathic psychic can sense if a person is sad, happy or excited, and she can feel these emotions to herself. If telepathy is the ability to sense or read the thoughts of other person, empathy, on the other hand, is the ability to feel the emotions of other person. Normally, a psychic with clairsentience ability has empathic psychic gifts as well.

There are several signs to show if you have an empathic ability. For one, you are very sensitive to the feelings of others. If they started crying in front of you, you will start crying too. If they feel very sad, you feel very down too. If they are happy, you are happy as well. You are sharing their feelings as if you are the person directly affected. Because of your extreme sensitivity to other people’s feelings, you try your best to keep that person happy. Also, you are very aware of your environment and have a clear understands the body language. You can conclude if the person is happy or sad by looking into his or her eyes. You can conclude if the person is happy or sad by observing his or her body gestures. You can conclude if the person is happy or sad by looking at his or her body movement. It is possible as well that you have empathic psychic gifts if you clearly understand the different emotions. For example, you have a deeper meaning of what is being sad, happy, angry, and excited is. You can define them deeper. Also, you have the ability to feel deeper emotions than the other person. For instance, your friend’s parents died because of old age. Your friend does not feel depressed and affected at all because they have died peacefully. You, on other hand, are greatly affected with their death. You feel more depressed than your friend because you clearly understand how it feels like to lose someone you love and cherish. If you possess these signs, it is very possible that you have an empathic ability.

People who are given the empathic psychic gifts can use their ability to heal other person’s pain. Because they clearly understand the different emotions of human, they can help a person to overcome the pain. They usually relieve or lessen the pain a person is feeling by sharing the same feeling as that of the person. It is like taking away some of the pain and transferring them to their selves so that the other person will feel better. They can also share their feeling of being happy to a person in pain so that, that person can easily overcome his or her pain.


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