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Getting to Know the Tools Used in Psychic Readings

All psychic readers, including online psychic readers and face-to-face psychic readers use psychic tools to help them find a clear answer to a customer’s question. These tools do not directly give answers to the psychic readers but they are mainly there as a guide to the psychics. The tools make the psychics more focused so that the minds of the psychics will not just wander around. Thus, a clearer and more accurate answer can be given. Some of common tools by psychic readers are tarot cards, runes, pendulum, crystal balls, and others.

The tarot card is the most commonly used by amateur psychic readers, including those new online psychic readers. It is believed that the tarot cards have been used even in the ancient period of psychic reading. All in all, there are 78 cards in a set of tarot card. Along with this 78 cards are different symbols, each of which has its own respective meaning. For starters, there is a guide book on how to use the tarot cards, but as one becomes more and more expert in tarot card reading, the use of the guide book will not be necessary anymore.

Another tool used by online psychic readers who are just new to the psychic field is the rune. The history of the rune can be traced back on the ancient times in China. This involves a tossing of the coin. It is required that the customer must focus to the question before tossing the coin. By studying the patterns of the coin, as a psychic reader, you must then interpret its meaning. The analysis of the patterns of the coin and interpreting its meaning can be done only with psychic abilities, thus, not all individuals can use this tool.

The pendulum is also used in psychic readings. However, this tool is used only for questions that are answerable by yes or no. As we all know, the pendulum when moved can only swing to the left or to the right, or back and forth. One side will symbolize yes, while the other side will represent for no. When the customer asks the question, the psychic must observe the pendulum and observe which side did it swung.

In addition, the crystal ball is commonly used in fortune telling. Some psychic readers have the ability to see images through the crystal ball. When someone asks them a question, as if it has its own understanding, the crystal ball will project an image that only the psychic reader can see. The reader will then interpret the image, thus giving the customer a clear answer for his or her questions.

Not all online psychic readers use these tools. Each psychic reader has its own field of specialization when it comes to the use of these tools. For example, one may be expert in the use of tarot cards, but she or he does not have the ability to use the crystal balls. In general, not all psychic readers are good in using these tools.


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