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Getting to know how a clairvoyant medium work

Clairvoyant medium refers to a person that has the ability of both clairvoyant and medium. Clairvoyance refers to seeing things or acquiring visions of persons, objects, places and events with the use of his/her mind. Mediumship is the ability to interact with spirits of the dead, angels and demons. The two may be in separate fields but once combined together, a clairvoyant mediums may exhibit a great powers is the psychic world. Nonetheless, confusion arises in the inter-relatedness of these two fields. Advice and assistance are needed by those who are practicing this for the first time.


A medium may be described as the one acting like a channel for the spirits in the unknown world. Their services are utilized in such a way that the people who still want to talk to their dead relatives may communicate with them through the medium. Clairvoyant, on the other hand, sees energies and images of beyond what the normal eyes can see. These visions are not seen by the clairvoyant's eyes but it is felt by the outside of his body. It scopes matter, space and time. It may be blurry at times but rest assured, these visions are possible through the help of the clairvoyant's strong perception.


Combining the two, clairvoyant mediums are suggested to have been blessed with a strong intuition. This intuition helps him/her know the events that may transpire in the future. Visions may be brought by the spirits that are guiding the living in our world. Interpretations are an important gauge of possible reality. If the clairvoyant medium is gifted with a great ability of interpreting, one can be assured of the prediction's possible outcome in the future. The psychic medium may also issue predicaments that may help the client in solving things in the present so as not to arise some problems in the future. Thus, mending the problems in advance may result to an alleviated problem in the predicted future.


A clairvoyant medium was said to go into a trance or a sleep like state. It allows his/her body to grab a great hand on visions and sensory perception. The spirits around the clairvoyant medium provides some facts, names and event dates that may help the medium to boil down visions ready for readings. It is known that spirits have a greater sighting in the living world. They have this overview of the happening in the earth. They may even know what is possible to happen in the future. In this case, the medium may utilized these facts and issue readings for the positive gain of the client.


Clairsentience is the state of inner knowing. The clairvoyant medium is said to fully understand facts and acknowledge them with the said state. The energy and speed experienced by the clairvoyant should be able to keep up with the flow of information. In this way, he/she may absorb things fully with accurate facts and figures.

Thus, through the help of spirits and clear visions of the mind of a clairvoyant medium, readings issued to the client may be close enough to reality if not real.


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