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Gemstones enhance the personal charm and beauty of the wearers especially the women. They boost self-confidence and infuse a new sense of optimism, happiness and well-being.

They are particularly useful in enhancing the psychic abilities of the novices. They boost the clarity of psychic thoughts and visions.

There is a huge variety of gemstones with different colors and hues. Not all of them are good for every body. They cannot be worn indiscriminately. It is always advisable to consult some experienced psychic as to which gemstone is useful for an individual’s unique physical and mental health condition.

There is a lot information and misinformation about gemstones on the internet. Gemstones may be expensive. They can prove harmful if used without proper knowledge or guidance. One should not, therefore, make an impulsive choice.

It is quite a common problem with some people that they are so terrified by the dreams they see during sleep that they start howling and shrieking. They sweat so profusely that they even wet the bed sheet and covers.

Some people do not reveal them even to their closest friends and relatives for the fear of shame and ridicule and live with the torture for months onwards. If you are one of them, you may try wearing a gemstone called, Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz is known for its ability to generate clairvoyant psychic visions during dreams. Ornaments embedded with smoky quartz prevent the occurrence of fearful and nightmarish experiences during the dreams. It can prove an invaluable gift for you and your loved ones.


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