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Gemini: The Twins

Born between the 21st of May and the 22nd of June, Gemini can easily adapt to situations and are very flexible.  They easily overcome problems and are adept at solving puzzles. They can turn any situation around using their fun personality, wit, and charm.


Eloquent, multitalented, and naturally curious, they easily win people. Their intellect attracts people to them even during the first meeting. Their charm, wit, and ability to communicate in a lively and amusing kind of way, helps them become well-liked by anybody. This also makes them popular to the opposite sex.


However, like their symbol, the twin, they can be dual in their personalities.  They tend to be moody, fickle-minded, and quick to anger.  They would argue with a person for no reason. Indecisiveness is also present.


Their mental abilities and their drive to learn more helps them avoid boredom. They like out-thinking people.  If there is something they want to learn, they do not stop until they know about it.  They never stop asking questions. They want to be ahead of everybody.


Being the active thinkers that they are, Gemini seldom use their emotions or feelings.  Like their element air, they are poor in the feeling department.  Though they can be sensitive at times, when confronted, they would rather use their minds than their hearts. That is why sometimes they do not know when they are already hurting other people’s feelings.  If they do, it might already be too late.


Gemini in a relationship can be affectionate, caring, and generous. At first they might love the chase but after a while when they get what they want, they lose interest, especially if they recognize the true nature of a person, and they do not favor it. They like their partner to have the same mental capabilities they have.  They value being respected. Once they found the one, they do not let go.  They remain faithful.


A Gemini cannot be contained in one place as they easily get bored.  If they do, there has to be something that can stimulate their minds.  They can be childlike at times and this is attributed to their ruling planet Mercury, which is linked to youthfulness.  They would sometimes demand attention, be selfish, and become self-centered.  They like the people they love to spend time or money for them.  They can also be materialistic at times.  They earn money easily but this also gets spent in a flash.  


As great communicators, they can do a lot of things with their wit and skill of the language.  They can get what they want through arguments, debates, or sales talk.  They can influence others easily through their strong opinions and “always right” attitudes.  Sometimes they can be misunderstood by others because of the sharpness of their tongues and the lack of tact in their statements.

In terms of career they can become good lawyers, preachers, salesmen, and orators.  Those who do not speak well turn out to become good writers or foreign language experts.


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