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Future Readings

Most people approach psychics, diviners, soothsayers, astrologers, numerologists or tarot readers to seek readings in their future. There is nothing wrong in seeking future readings. But an important question arises: how far can the clients benefit from the future readings?

For example, a client asks a psychic if they would be able to win an election they are contesting; or, whether a love or marriage relationship currently on the verge of break up will survive the crisis gripping it.

The psychics can give either of the only two possible and to-the-point replies: yes or no.

If the psychics give a negative reply, would the clients feel satisfied and go back to where they came from. Would they not stay put on their seats and ask the next logical question: How? In other words, would they not seek a solution to their problem?

Assuming that the psychics do advise the clients as to how they can succeed in achieving their goals, where is the guarantee that their advice or the future reading will prove true?

And if the psychic advice or readings or the do not prove true, how far would it be reasonable to blame the psychics for their failure or inaccuracy? These are very intricate questions.

The future readings of the psychics on questions like those cited above do not exclude the vital role of the client to make them come true. Mere prediction by the psychic is not going to make any difference to the prevailing situation unless the client-subjects make serious and positive moves for their success. Future readings, thus, do not absolve the client-subjects of their own role and responsibilities in realizing their dreams or goals.
The whole philosophy of future psychic readings is based upon the inexorable law of right karma on the part of the subject. This is the divinely ordained pre-requisite for the success or failure of the people in pursuit of their goals. Psychics or their future readings can only point towards the right karma; they cannot compel the clients to act upon them to make their future readings come true.


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