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Future reading: A glance into the future

What is a future reading?


Another term for future reading would be fortune telling and it is the practice foreseeing and anticipating information, knowledge and advice regarding another person’s life and being. Fortune telling was believed to have the same idea and concept as divination and the only difference is that divination is purely done as a religious and sacred ritual while fortune telling suggests a less solemn, elaborate and ceremonial set up.


Usually, people go to psychics to have their futures read and interpreted so they have an idea of what is about to come in their lives. Yes, sometimes it is good that you know that something big and immense is about to come. It would be easier for you and the people around you to know about it so you could get yourselves ready and prepared for whatever it is, it could be bad news about your health, a life-changing accident, a higher jump on the career ladder or getting pregnant and adding another little bundle of joy in the family. Most people just get too anxious about the future events, situations and happenings that they might face, that is why psychics today are very in demand.


How can the future be read?


There are so many ways for a psychic to read another person’s future. It all depends on the psychic’s experience, expertise, proficiency and knowledge regarding which ability or method they would like to use on their clients. Here is a rundown lost of the most common methods used by psychics when providing a reading:


Astrology – through the motion and development of the constellations

Astromancy – through the motion and activity of the stars

Cartomancy – this is the divination that uses any kinds of cards – tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards and even playing cards – to provide a reading

Taromancy – this is a branch of cartomancy but focuses on using tarot cards

Crystallomancy -  another term for this is Scrying and this is usually done by gazing on a crystal ball

Chiromancy – this is also known as Palmistry and the method allows the psychic to gaze on the hands of their clients by analyzing and examining the lines, the shape and the size of the palm

Tasseomancy – through tea leaves

Clairvoyance – through inner sights and visions provided by the intuitive ability of the psychics

Numerology – through numbers; birthday and the letters of the person’s name

Oneiromancy – through a person’s dreams


These are the methods that could be used to determine and learn about a person’s future and it all depends on the psychic’s expertise that the client went to for the consultation or reading.


Is there such thing as a free future reading?


There could be, all you have to do is search on the internet or ask around if there might be psychics who offer free readings. Usually, you can have it online as there are a lot of free psychic readings when you just try to google for it. Just remember to research about the psychic company that offers the free readings and see if it is legitimate and trustworthy. Why do you have to do this? Because usually, free readings last only for 3 minutes and that would not be enough for you. You will be left craving for more information and knowledge so you might have to pay for the remaining minutes just to get the remaining information from the psychic whom you talked to.

Also, you might get free readings on psychic fairs and psychic expos that happen every few months in a year. You might want to watch out for it as participating psychics offer great deals and discounts during the event. You might even get yourself nice freebies and products offered for such low prices.


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