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Free Relationship Advice to Warm the Heart

Either your love is young or old, love comes in all ages, sizes, income brackets, sexual preferences and you will definitely know a happy and content couple when you see one. The longevity of your relationship does not really matter. Whether it’s a new relationship or an old romance, if the couple involved are determined to make things work until the end then there is no doubt that it is true love.


Well, to be honest, to stay in love with one person is not really an easy thing to do, especially when the bad times come in and take over the good times. Also, you should know that love is never about being lucky and having good chances. Love is about commitment, dedication, and hard work and the relationship should be balanced in order for it to work and prosper.


Only a few couples who are in a relationship are aware of what they must do to strengthen the romance and go to the road of happiness in their married life. You should know that you have to keep your partner happy at all times, and you will live a life full of merriment and contentment.


Here are some more of the things that you should know to make the relationship last longer and happier.


1. Expect a realistic view from the relationship


At first, of course, you will be head over heels in love with your partner, allotting all your time and effort just to be with them and see them everyday, if possible. That is normal as you are just starting a new budding romance together. But keep in mind, that phase won’t last and you will soon encounter problems, issues and challenges along the way and it is better if you prepare yourselves for it because those are inevitable in a relationship. Expect that it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies.


2. Put a lot of effort in the relationship and work hard to keep strong and stable


Yes, when you face your problems and difficulties, face it together and as much as possible resolve it as soon as possible. You should learn how to take care of your partner in order to also take good care of your relationship with them. Never neglect your problems as it will just bring your relationship down. Talk about the important things and what matter most and make it clear that you both have to fight for what you both think will bring good to the relationship.


3. Give time to spend with each other


To spend quality time together is probably the best thing you will do to keep your bond strong enough. Always remember to go out or spend time with only just the two of you. This allows you to know your partner better and you will also be able to talk about the important matters that you need to focus on. Go to the mall, watch a movie, have dinner in a fancy restaurant, play a new sport, enjoy a new hobby or do anything together and make sure the both of you like it.


4. Spend time apart


As much as spending time together is healthy for the relationship, you should also know that spending time apart could also help you. Of course, there are things that you would like to do but your partner isn’t a bit interested in it and vice versa. Do it alone and when you’re done, go to your partner and tell them how it went. Share your experiences and emotions to them so you have something to talk about.


5. Never try to change your partner


If you do, it will do nothing good to the relationship. Trying to change them means that you do not fully accept them for who they really are. Instead, you can acknowledge your differences, accept them for who they are and give them whatever they need if it is in your capability. He doesn’t like going to the movies that much? Then go ahead and buy movies that you can watch in the living room together. She doesn’t know how to cook? If you do know how, t hen be the one to cook for her. It’s all about compromising and accepting your differences. That’s what matters most.


6. Acknowledge and accept that there are problems that couldn’t be solved


You cannot fix and resolve everything in life, the both of you are just human beings and it is normal if you face problems that couldn’t be resolved. Instead of wasting your energy and effort in doing so, why not just talk about it and compromise and allow yourselves to work things out even with the unsolvable problem at hand.


7. Always communicate with each other


Communicating isn’t just about talking to each other. It is about listening to what your partner wants, needs and rants about life and just be there for them. It is about letting them vent their frustrations and disappointments inside without you interrupting or judging them. Being able to communicate with your partner is to also let each other know about your feelings and emotions and actually relay to them your concerns, issues and setbacks. It is about opening up to the other without the fear of being judged.


8. Always be honest


Yes, never lie to your partner. Always be open to one another and tell them everything that needs to be discussed or that concerns them or the family. Tell them about your job, your expenses at home, your feelings, your thoughts and just about everything. Do not let your partner have any doubts about you and your actions. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. Take care of it by being honest all the time, even if you would think that what you are about to say is going to hurt you partner a bit. It is better like that than to lie or keep something to yourself.


9. Respect and show appreciation to your partner

If you want to be respected then you would have to respect your partner in return, as it is a give and take thing in a relationship. Do not cheat or look at other men or women and just regard and tell your partner how beautiful they are and how lucky you are to have met and be with them. Respect their feelings and always say the words, “I love you”. Show them how much you appreciate them and express it often.


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