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Phone PsychicFree psychics are those who offer free psychic reading services to enlist more clients. Some people tend to think that psychics are some kind of super human beings who can survive only on air and water.

It is true that the psychics are super human beings in the sense that they can do what even the established experts in their field cannot. But they also require food, shelter and other essential necessities and amenities of life. They can be availed with money, which comes only from clients.

Free psychic reading is only a kind of sample service to convince the prospective clients of the reliability and benefits of the psychic reading. It tells them what they can get if they ask for detailed and in-depth reading for which they will have to make payment.

There are several tools or procedures that the psychics use to offer free readings. Each tool or procedure depends upon the expertise or forte of the psychic. Thus we have free tarot readings, free horoscope readings, free numerology reading, free palmistry readings and so on.

Free Tarot Reading

Free tarot reading is offered with the help of tarot cards, which are like the common playing cards. The only important difference is that the tarot cards bear mysterious figures and symbols that represent some basic social, cultural and human norms, values, aspirations and thought patterns. They are amenable to a multitude of interpretations and predictions depending upon the queries that the clients ask.

 But this kind of tarot reading involving a face-to-face interaction of the psychic and the client and the use of cardboard cards is not possible these days. So tarot reading is offered online using the internet services.

The clients are asked to select a card from a card spread shown on the computer screen. When they click on the selected card, a new page opens up. It contains the analysis of their nature and personality, a prediction about their future and some advice about how to achieve their goals.

Free Numerology Reading

Numerology, as the name suggests, is the psychic science of numbers. Eminent Greek mathematician Pythagoras is considered to be the father of modern numerology. He believed that letters of the alphabet had a deep relationship with certain numbers.

He used the letters in the names of the people and their corresponding numbers to determine their nature and personality traits and predict their future. So strong was Pythagoras’s belief in numerology that he swore his students to secrecy about its knowledge and benefits.

Numerology was then considered an esoteric study and its benefits were reserved only for the privileged few. The same numerology reading benefits are now available to the common people free of charge.

All you need to provide to the numerologists is your name, the date and place of birth. The numerologists make calculations and offer free numerology reading.

Free Horoscope Reading

A horoscope is an astrological chart that the psychic astrologers cast in order to analyze the nature and personality of the clients, forecast their future and provide the necessary guidance and counseling to achieve their goals.

Astrologers believe that the nature of star or the planet that governs the zodiac sign of the people born under its influence plays an important role in determining their nature, personality and future.
 A horoscope is based upon the date and time of birth of the client. The astrologer matches the birth data with the star or the planet that was in ascendance in the east exactly at that time.

All you need to get a free horoscope reading is to provide your name and date of birth.

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