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Free Horoscope: What Do The Stars Tell You?

Aside from having the news headlines, classified ads, lifestyle and business section, a newspaper is not complete without the horoscope section. Because most readers are concerned more on what can happen to their personal lives than current events, the horoscope is considered as one of the most visited pages of the paper. 

The introduction of online free horoscopes, however, defied this stat. There is a continuous growth in the number of netizens subscribing to horoscopes from various websites. This allows them to have a daily guide on what they can or cannot do. With one click of the mouse, they can have the fortune displayed instantly on their monitors. 

Subscribers of free horoscopes strongly believe that one’s personality and fate can be influenced by the position of the sun, stars, moon and planets upon his birth. These astrological positions are deemed to be influential in their relationships, careers, and money.  

Sun-sign horoscopes are the most basic form of free horoscopes where the dates of birth fall under a certain sign followed after the 12 constellations. Astrology is the basis for the horoscopes’ prediction of trends. They place these forecasts into a context while considering the personality of a person belonging to a certain zodiac sign.  

Horoscopes work most of the time by studying the position of the stars that can take a person to a certain direction and make decisions. Since astrology is the basis of horoscopes, fortune tellers guarantee the precision of their forecasts as the practice true science with verifiable results. The forces brought by stars, moon and sun are measured by astrologists and repeated experiments have been conducted that proved that these can actually affect the course of people’s lives. 

Moreover, horoscopes are seen as the marriage of science and metaphysics. This strengthens the power of astrological fortune telling. The forces involved in astrology are brought in a quasi-religious realm contained in a soul.  

It is not surprising then that more and more people are drawn to horoscopes. But aside from serving as a day-to-day guide, free horoscopes can also be a form of entertainment and recreation. Moreover, they are seen as source of ideas, as well as relationship and business advices. The lucky color and lucky numbers indicated also serve as good luck charms. 

Most subscribers of daily free horoscope use the forecasts to determine what’s up for grabs for them everyday. They will then base their actions and decision making on what the horoscope says. Most of the time, this behavior and belief in astrology are helpful. However, basing every action on the position of the stars can’t be healthy.

Horoscopes are there to be a guide. They give options to people. But having yourself focused only on horoscopes is not advisable because the fate of people is still up to them. Horoscopes, no matter how true their forecasts are, should not make people dependent on what they read or see. People are empowered to control their future. The universe is only a guide. 


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