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Fortune teller

A fortune teller is a person who practices fortune telling.

Fortune telling is an art or practice of predicting an information or knowledge about a person’s overall life. This could be considered as a divination practice, the only thing that hinders people to calling it a divination is that it is not a religious practice that involves a ritual or calling out gods or deities or spirits. Fortune telling is a more informal and easygoing practice that can be done in the comforts of your home. It is a more casual approach to foreseeing the future rather than requiring the participants to form a circular position, offering a sacrifice and call spirits.

Other terms used to address fortune tellers are;

Fortune telling originated from the Romani people during the 19th century.  It is believed that the practice of fortune telling opposes Christian, Islamic and Judaism beliefs as these religions do not believe and actively prohibits and condemn the practice of any divination. The only people who may believe and approve of fortune telling or the likes of it are the Jewish people as they have a whole different view about mysticism.

Mysticism is the belief of the possibility that you can be one with God. It may also be used to describe a state of consciousness that has been altered to cater more into religious or spiritual significance and essence.

Methods used by fortune tellers

The practice of fortune telling by studying the movements and positions of celestial objects such as the stars

The practice of using sacred books to eliminate negative vibrations, use for medicine and for religious divinations

The practice of fortune telling that involves the usage of playing cards, tarot cards, angel cards or any deck of cards

The practice of fortune telling by examining and scrutinizing the palm or hands

The practice of gathering information and knowledge through the extrasensory perception or the inner sight

The practice of fortune telling by examining one’s face

The Chinese practice that provides a harmonious environment and surroundings

A divination that requires the participants to offer a sacrificed animals’ innards or entrails

A divination that uses water as its basis for gathering knowledge and information

A divination that uses stones to foretell the future

A divination that uses the spirits of the dead or the dead themselves to foretell the future

A belief that numbers are related to certain events or people

A divination that uses dreams to interpret and predict the future

A divination that uses fire as its basis for gathering knowledge and information

Also known as Ouija board; it is a board that has the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-1 on it and is used to contact and communicate with spirits

It is believed that fortune tellers could provide answers and predictions about a person’s romantic relationships, financial aspects and emotional and mental health. They could use various practices stated above to perform the art of fortune telling.

As per usual, the people behind scientific researches and theories are against and skeptic about the art and practice of fortune telling. They think that it is only a superstitious belief and wishful thinking that lacks basis and accurate and verifiable point and essence.

A non-believer stated that fortune telling is a poor and credulous way to forecast something that has not happened yet or a sharp way of deciphering obscurities and ambiguities or lastly, a shameless and impudent way to declare the inescapable and destined events or happenings. And a lot of non-believers also say that fortune telling is nothing more than ingenuity and therefore should not be believed and trusted.

If you plan on having your fortune read by a fortune teller, you might want to be cautious of the frauds and cons that are lurking everywhere. Make sure you are sitting on a session with a genuine and authentic fortune teller.


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