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Finding True Happiness Through Psychic Healing

Our mind is accomplished and efficient of doing so many unanticipated and surprising things. One capability of the mind is to heal another person without the use of modern technology and medicines that have been formulated and invented today. The people who has the ability to heal other people using the mind are called Psychic Healers.


What is a Psychic Healer?


For your information, all of us are capable of having psychic abilities that could be honed and sharpened from the day of our birth with the right and appropriate practice and application. Here are some signs that you could be a psychic healer:


1. You are empathetic to other people.

2. The people that surrounds you, i.e. your home or circle of friends, seldom get sick.

3. You usually take in your friends’ or family members’ emotions and problems, share their experience and give an effective advice.

4. You find yourself close to animals and children.

5. You spend most of your time alone, meditating and contemplating about life.

6. You love having walks at the park, climb mountains and hike in nature.

7. You listen wholeheartedly to your people when they need to speak to you.

8. You are very sensitive, up to the point where you can feel the emotions and troubles of other people.

9. You have the heart to help other people.

10. You get very realistic and graphic dreams when you sleep that shows and relays useful information and knowledge about something relevant.


What is Psychic Healing?


Another term for psychic healing is energy healing and it is known to be the procedure of directing and transmitting energy that heals another person. This energy would give fresh vitality and enthusiasm to the person being healed.


Psychic healing could be done by psychic healers who have high meditation proportions and capacitance. These people should be able to concentrate and focus on conveying and transferring their energies to the person being healed. Psychic healers are known to be spiritual people who knows how to access and deal with another person’s subconscious level.


For the psychic healing to work, the sick person being healed should be a believer of psychic greatness and has faith in his or her psychic healer. If not, then there is no use using psychic healing to heal such a person.


There are three forms of psychic healing, these are:


1. Spiritual Healing


Basically, this is considered as the highest form of psychic healing because the psychic healer will have to use the Spiritual Healing Force of the Universe and have it flow and course through the healer’s body and on to the patient’s body. This will feel as if the patient is being soaked and cleansed with an overflowing spiritual light that could be very rewarding.


2. Mental Healing


This is a powerful way of psychic healing as it uses the human mind and its intricacies to form a mental  

bond and connection between the psychic healer and the patient and then the healing happens just within that certain connection, with all of the affected areas being recovered and cured. The psychic healer would have to make an image showing the patient that he or she has healed.


3. Pranic Healing


In pranic healing, the psychic healer will have to use a universal life force known as “ki” or “prana” which they would have to  focus and concentrate on the affected areas of the other person’s body. This life force balances the energies in one’s body or at the affected area of the patient.


Techniques used in Psychic Healing


1. Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique that is commonly used all over the world by psychic healers. “Rei” means “the Universal Power” and “Ki” means “the Life Force”. The psychic healer would just have to use their hands to accumulate and direct energy and just touch the affected part of the body that needs healing.


2. Acupuncture and Acupressure


In Acupuncture, healers use needles and insert them on particular parts of the body which they call as acupoints. This is believed to release the negative barriers and obstructions on the affected area, allowing the energy to flow smoothly, relieving the pain and developing good health to the patient.


Acupressure is basically just the same with acupuncture but they use their fingers to put pressure on the affected areas instead of needles. These methods are most commonly used in Asian countries.


3. Crystals and Gems


These are common ways to also release negative blockages and barriers in a person, be it physically, mentally and spiritually. Crystals and Gems consist of energy properties that could balance the vibration within our bodies.


Could I get true happiness with psychic healing?


Yes, you could. Allowing yourself to be healed spiritually could be the best thing that you could do for yourself. Why? Because being spiritually healed is being able to think about positive thoughts, ideas and judgment and it will also allow you to do things in a more positive and enthusiastic manner.


Removing the energy blockages and obstructions will surely make you feel light and eventually, discovering true happiness and satisfaction comes after. You will definitely feel good about yourself, your relationship with other people, your career, your love life and basically just everything about you.


To be happy is to allow yourself to be kind, loving, grateful and positive at all times. Here are some tips on you could actually maintain true happiness, wake up with a smile on your face and throw away your negativity.


1. Do not mind what other people has to say about you. What matters is you feel good and you know that you aren’t doing anything wrong. Do not let their negativity eat your light.


2. You have to know your worth. You have so much good things to offer to other people and you deserve these good things as well, so do not settle for anything lesser than that. You should only accept people in your life who value you as much or more than you value yourself.


3. Do your passions in life and continue pursuing things that you love doing. If what you are doing everyday is something that you love doing then you would never have a dull and boring day ever in your life.


4. Always be grateful and let the people around you know that you are thankful for them. Saying thank you as a courtesy to other people could spread good vibrations and the people around might just get your positive energy. Also, do not focus on the things that you do not have, instead, concentrate on what’s in front of you and the present day.


5. Do not harbor anger and rage within you as it would only fill your heart with resentment and bitterness. You deserve to be happy so let go of that heavy burden in your heart in order to be free from it.


6. Live for today. Thinking hardly about the future could cause you stress and anxiety and it can make you disappointed if things do not go as planned. Focus on today and surprise yourself tomorrow.


7. Always be yourself and never try to be somebody whom you are not. We all have are differences and uniqueness, you have to embrace your qualities, personalities and characteristics. Love yourself and you attract people who will love you for it.


8. Always be honest and never lie to anyone, especially to yourself. You have to think about what you really want for yourself, set your expectations and work on it. If it doesn’t work out, admit it to yourself and then move on.

9. Lastly, smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at your spouse, smile at your co-worker, smile at everyone! Smiles can change a person’s mood quickly. It is free and it makes you beautiful and handsome too! Flash that smile, the people around you deserve it.


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