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Famous Psychics

There are lots of good psychics everywhere, if not on the list, it doesn’t mean that the psychic is not accurate or good, it just means that these psychics are more popular on social media and that they have celebrity clients Here is a list of popular and effective psychics in today’s time.

  1. John Edward

He was born on the 19th of October 1969 in New York City, as John Edward McGee, Jr. He is a medium, an author and a TV personality. He wanted to become a psychic ever since he was a young boy. He studied at the Long Island University and took up Health Care Administration and became a dance instructor first before pursuing his career as a psychic. He was able to get himself his own TV show where he had to showcase his abilities, though many people doubt his abilities as it has not scientifically been proven yet. And that his predictions and accuracy might have been fine-tuned through the editing of his shows as it is not shown live.


  1. Tony Stockwell

Tony was born in East London and has been a medium, a teacher, a speaker and an author for 30 years already. He started practicing his abilities at the age of 16, when he was asked to meet a medium in their local church. He claimed that he could see and hear thing that could not be seen and heard by other people and that he can also foresee things that haven’t happened yet. He developed his abilities at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. He had three TV shows, namely Street Psychic, The Psychic Detective and Psychic School and also wrote four books about his psychic experiences. His books are entitled as:



  1. Linda Jamison and Terry Jamison

Linda Jamison and Terry Jamison are identical twins born on the 12th of January 1965 at West Chester Pennsylvania. When they moved to California, they started re-practicing their abilities as mediums and charging people, not lower than, $500 and they also claim to have summoned and communicated with the spirits of famous people such as Michael Jackson and Princess Diana. They are popular psychics who have appeared in the newspapers and TV shows alongside major stars in the Hollywood. They also claim to have predicted the 911 attack in an interview on the Art Bell radio show but misinformed the public that it would happen in 2002. Of course, with popularity comes a lot of haters, or in their case doubters. People think that they commit too much of a mistake for psychics, like the death of Pope John Paul II in June 2004 (it happened in April 2005), the death of Saddam Hussein and Jennifer Lopez’s supposed pregnancy in June 2005.


  1. Theresa Caputo

She is a TV personality and a medium on a TV series known as Long Island Medium and she had authored two books about spiritual healing. She was called a fraud and a fake by various critics and that her claims are not true. It was also believed that she deceives people into believing that she can communicate with the dead when in reality, she just asks her staff to interview her audiences before the show to be able to know what to say when they air on national TV.


  1. Allison Dubois

Allison Dubois was born on the 24th of January 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona. Her psychic abilities have assisted and supported the law enforcements in solving crimes in the United States, and with this statement come the development and production of the TV series, Medium. When she was six years of age, she said that she could already communicate with the spirits of the deceased people. She was accused of using preying into the fears and regrets of lots of families with the use of her ability to gather thousands of dollars. She had written four books:


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