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Famous Psychics before the 21st century

Famous Psychics before the 21st century


In the early civilization and human years, a lot of people have been trying to search for a valid and dependable way or method to foretell the future events that may happen. Us humans have always been attracted and absorbed to the “what ifs” in life that controls and dictates what is yet to come or happen. There had been numerous methods, approaches, tools and instruments that was used and created to determine and discover the future but there is no accuracy within the data gathered by such techniques.


It came to a point where the people just rely on the people who have such special psychic abilities to predict the future. They are known as the “special ones”. The people with such capabilities were usually trained by priests and shamans of the time, passing their own religious knowledge and skills to be able to see into what is to come. But there are also others who were born with the ability to see what has yet to happen. These people are known to be the “gifted ones”.


Back in the 1800s, the people who claim to have supernatural abilities or psychic powers started exposing and uncovering themselves to the public and showed off and shared their psychic abilities to the people. The knowledge about spiritual forces and growth suddenly became popular back then that even the noblemen and noblewomen were fascinated with psychic abilities, thus allowing themselves to obtain and practice certain psychic abilities.


A lot of the gifted psychics before are still being remembered today by a lot of people, ordinary or gifted themselves. It means that they have left good predictions of the future and people are still anticipating it up until today. Here is a list of the famous psychics in the 18th and 19th century.

Delphic Oracle


Another common name for the Oracle of Delphi is Pythia. She was the high priestess in the Temple of Apollo located in Delphi, hence, the name that she is popular for up until today. Pythia came from the Greek word Pytho which was the original name of Delphi. The place Pythia was very popular in the 8th century BC because of the oracle’s accurate predictions and prophecies. It is believed that her prophecies were stimulated and energized by being permeated by the spirit of the gods, in this certain place, Apollo’s energy.

Michel de Nostredame


Michel de Nostredame, more popularly known as Nostradamus, was born on either the 14th or the 21st of December in 1503 and died on the 1st or 2nd of July in 1566. He was a famous medical practitioner, astrologer and prophet back then. He wrote a book titled with Les Propheties, which is mostly a set or collection of poems with four lines and a rhyme, and was published in 1555. He was born and raised as a Roman Catholic by parents who were originally Jewish.


After Nostradamus wrote and published his book, Les Propheties, he had earned and established a number of followers, supporters and believers of his prophecies, saying that his predictions and forecasts about the events and happening all over the globe are accurate and precise. But of course, he also gained a lot of nonbelievers and skeptic academics that refuses and rejects the idea that his poems or quatrains are instantaneously connected and associated with the current and future world events. They say that his prophecies are very indistinct, vague and unclear that it can be related or associated to just about anything that could happen. This made them think if Nostradamus had real psychic abilities or supernatural powers. Lastly, the nonbelievers of this generation claim that the translators of Nostradamus’ quatrains had edited his prophecies and predictions to fit whatever he said to the current happenings and events in our world. So basically, they meant to say that the public was lead to believe that Nostradamus had accurate predictions because his translators and believers had emphasized it in a way that it looks like it is accurate and precise.


Nevertheless, Nostradamus is believed to be one of the first real and genuine psychic as his name has lived up with his prophecies and predictions until this present generation, more or less five hundred years ago.


He had a wife whom he married in 1531 and she gave him two children. In 1534, they passed away because of the plague that had spread widely during their time. After his family crossed the great divide, he continued to travel to learn and share his medical abilities, assisting physicians and doctors during the widespread plague. When he came back from Italy, he started focusing and concentrating more in the occult than his knowledge in medicine. He remained a Roman Catholic by faith while he focused on necromancy, horoscopes, astrology and foretelling the future. This is when various people from all over the continent or people, mostly the elite, who lived far away from him started to go to him for psychic advices and fortune telling. With this, a lot of people thought he was related to doing evil things, insane or a charlatan. Although, a lot of people admire him for his abilities as well, including the wife of King Henry II of France, who is named Catherine de Medici.


Nostradamus died on the 1st or 2nd of July in 1566 due to his gout that turned into edema. He was suffering from this for a long time already. On the night of his death, he told Jean de Chavigny, his trusted secretary, “You will not find me alive at sunrise”. Which really happened and they saw Nostradamus dead on the floor just beside his bed.

Baba Vanga


Baba Vanga, who is born as Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova on the 31st of January in 1911 in Strumica, Ottoman Empire, known in the present times as North Macedonia. She had also been called as grandmother Vanga by her believers. Baba Vanga was a blind clairvoyant and herbalist, who lived most of her life in Bulgaria. Her parents are named Pando Surchev, a conscripted soldier during the World War I and Paraskeva Surchev. As a newborn, she was premature and she was very unhealthy and the people in their town do not give names to newborn babies until they see that the child will survive. She was given the name Vangelia which is originally a Greek name meaning a messenger or an angel of God.


After World War I, Baba Vanga’s father was arrested by the Serbian authorities due his pro-Bulgarian actions and undertakings. They took all his belongings and properties and their family suffered in poverty for a long time. Her father married another woman after a while, giving Baba Vanga a stepmother.


Vangeliya was considered as smart and intelligent when she was young and she was unknowingly practicing her inclinations and capabilities when she plays doctor or healing with her friends. Her life changed when a tornado occurred and took place when she was young. She said that she was taken in by the strong air and was left in a field near her house. She was found after a long time, she was very scared and terrified with her eyes coated and smothered with sand and dust and she could not open them because it was painful for her to do so. Due to being poor, they do not have enough money for a full operation. They only have enough to heal her wounds and injuries. The lack of operation resulted to the loss of her vision. She went to a school for the blind to learn Braille and to learn how to play the piano. She was also taught how to knit, cook and clean. Her stepmother died which pushed her to going back home and take care of her siblings.


It was during the World War II when their town Strumica was given back to Bulgaria. By this time, she began to become popular and famous for being a healer and a clairvoyant. People came to her everyday to ask about their relatives who had passed away and for psychic advices. Vangeliya married a soldier of Bulgaria named Dimitar Gushterov. He went to her asking who killed hi brother, she told him but had him promise her that he won’t seek revenge. Before they were married, they eloped and moved to Petrich, she immediately became popular because of her psychic abilities. Her husband had to leave for Greece because he was assigned there. In 1947, her husband got sick and dies on the 1st of April in 1962.


Here are some of her predictions in the year 1980:


In the year 2010, there will be an attempt of assassination on the heads of the state. And the World War III will start in November 2010 and will end in October 2014.


In the year 2014 to year 2016, there will be a lot of skin disease that would widely spread out and even skin cancer and Europe will almost be empty or lonely.


In the year 2018 to year 2023, China will lead in power and there will be a small change in the orbit of the Earth.


In the year 2033 to year 2045, the ice in the North Pole will melt and will result to bigger water levels in oceans and seas. The economy is suffering. The muslims will rule Europe.


There are many more but other prophecies exceed the year 2100. We shall see if one or some of these comes true.

Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce was born on the 18th of March in 1877 in Christian County, South of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. His father’s name is Leslie Burr Cayce and his mother’s name is Carrie Elizabeth Cayce, both are farmers and he is one of their six children. He is a clairvoyant who was insightful in healing, reincarnation and foretelling the future and he carries out his psychic sessions while he is asleep. A certain writer gave him a nickname that would suit him and his abilities, it is The Sleeping Prophet. Today, there is an organization called The Association for Research and Enlightenment, where they focus and concentrate on the works and projects of Edgar Cayce. Edgar is considered to be the most notable founder and philanthropist of certain notions regarding health and diet such as acid or alkaline diet and the therapeutic use of food.


When he was young, his parents told him that he used to play with invisible people, like an imaginary friend, and he also claimed that he had met his grandfather when he was supposed to have passed away already. He thinks of the souls and the spirits as incorporeal beings because he claims that he could see right through them if he stared long and hard enough. His special abilities made it hard for him to focus on his school works and concentrate on the lectures of his teachers. He was brought up a Catholic and had read the bible when he was twelve. In the year 1889, around May, he claims that he saw a woman with wings, probably an angel, who told him that Edgar’s prayers have been granted and that he would get what he wanted the most. He answered with a very generous and selfless answer, he said that he would want to hep the sick, especially the children. He wants to be a missionary.


There was a time when the teacher talked to his parents and complained that he isn’t doing good in school, he was cruelly tested him and asked him questions regarding spelling and the likes, which made him worn out, he heard the voice of the angel telling him to sleep and they will help him with his father’s questions. He asked his father for a bit of rest, slept and when he woke up, he already knew all the answers to all his father’s questions. He even knew every single thing that was written on his book.


Edgar Cayce is regarded to be one of the most experienced and best psychic that everyone has known. He had given and exact amount of 8,056 readings on the 10th of October in the year 1922 and gave more readings, adding up to 13,000 to 14,000 readings all in all. He also has the ability of mediumship, astral projection and scrying. He can see auras and read vibrations.


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