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Exploring the supernatural meaning of numbers

Numerology is basically a study or a knowledge that discusses, explores and tackles with the supernatural and transcendental importance and meaning of numbers. Numerologists believe that numbers could express and demonstrate definite abilities, capacities and personality propensities as an essential and inherent part of a person’s life.


In Numerology, every letter in the alphabet corresponds to a numeric value that dispenses a cosmic vibration. It is also believe that if you add up all the number in the date of your birth, it provides an interconnection of vibrations and the same goes if you try to add up the value obtained and acquired from all the letters that make up your name. The sum of the added numbers will reveal a considerable and substantial information about yourself such as your personality, your temperament, your purpose and ambition in life, your motivations and what keeps you going and also your hidden talents and skills.


Numerologists say that numerology can tell a person when they would have to act up and to make major decisions in life and do certain activities. You can try to consult with a numerologist if you want insights and advices on the questions that might come to you, such as:


Oftentimes, people get confused and they have a hard time making major decision in their life. Major decisions should often be thought about for long, long time as it will definitely affect you as a person along with your whole family (if you are married). It should never be drastically be decided upon as it may lead to complications and rough adjustments. It would just be right to consult and ask a psychic or a numerologist as to what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Some people even need to be told as to why they should be doing it and what benefits would that certain action or decision could be brought to the whole family or to the development of one’s self. It is never as if the psychic or the numerologist is telling you what to do, their only role is to guide and enlighten you as to which path is the best for you.


Here are some of the meaning of the numbers in Numerology:



Positive attributes

Negative attributes


Ardent leadership skills, Independent, Courageous, Has the willpower and perseverance, Urges to achieve and win

Excessively aggressive, Impulsive, Full of pride, Authoritative, Arrogant


Considerate, Sensitive, Sincere, Cooperative, Adaptable, Reserved and Self-effacing

Too shy, Fearful, Depression, Inhibited and Unnatural


Inspired, Good imagination, Creative, Good counselor, Very optimistic, Blissful, Lighthearted

Over-dramatization, Lack of direction, Selfish, Moody


No limitations, Steady growth, Practical, Leans towards Science, Detail-oriented, Great managerial Skills

Detail-oriented, Obstinate, Strong-willed, Quarrelsome, Too critical, Slow


Communicative, Quick Thinker, Flexible, Action-oriented, Inquisitive and investigative

Agitated, Dissatisfaction, Snappy disposition and diction, impatient


Responsible, Creative, Tender character, Balanced, Sympathetic, Humanitarian, Selfless

Inflexibility, Stubborn, Interfering, Egocentric, Forthright


Analytical, Intelligent, Scientific, Charming, Loves peace and tranquility, perfectionist

Suspicious, Reserved, Sarcastic, Argumentative, Isolated, Easily Distracted

Handles power really well, Volunteer, Passes fair judgment, Decisive

Ambitious, Can’t handle money well, Workaholic, Impatient, Stress, Acquisitive


Friendly, Humanitarian, Selfless, Creative, Loves to do good

Possessive, Moody, Carefree especially with money, Seeks attention,


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