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Elements That Make Up The Zodiac

Zodiac derived from the Greek word “ zodiakos”. In astrology it means signs that are divided in 12 equal zones. In Latin, it is zodiacus meaning circle of animals. That’s why zodiacs are represented by animals. Following are the Latin zodiacs and the symbol it holds.

Aries- The Ram

Taurus-  The Bull

Gemini- The Twins

Cancer- The Crab

Leo- The Lion

Virgo- The Maiden

Libra- The scales

Scorpions- The Scorpion

Sagittarius- The Archer

Capricorn- The Goat

Aquarius- The Water Bearer

Pisces- The Fish

Signs of the zodiac give us some helpful insights to know more of thing base on daily, weekly, monthly and annual readings.

In modern astrology the 12 zodiac signs are categorized under four Elements:

Fire- signs under Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Characteristics are passionate, glowing, and romantic and the ability to provide for one self’s needs .But somewhat misinterpreted that they are overpowering others and tends to rule all the times. They won’t stop until they succeed in getting what they want. They are boasting with confidence and full of energy.

Earth- signs fall under this element are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, They are traditional yet sensual, loves material things and they are strong. They are judged as materialistic. But they are stable in mind and patient. They can do work and end up right. Once they make decisions, you can not break it. Their routines lead to boredom to others. But they are not fond of popularity. They can do good things but never shouted it out. Earth signs are workaholic. Their passion is their work.

Air- Signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are great communicators because they are intelligent, principled in reasoning, envision things in ideal way, and know reasons. But they are often unwise in something and insensitive. An air sign goes along with fire element because in building up a fire, you need air.

Water- comprises of signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Emotions are greatly high that’s why they are judged as people indulging in self-pity and distress. Their intuitions lead them to doubt others. They have the tendency to deprive themselves from the world if they can’t longer take the situations.

We are unique individuals but in a way or two we share similarities. Knowing the elements surrounding the zodiac, you will easily understand the interaction and connection of each zodiac. You will easily know the how and why’s of a good and failed relationship. You can actually apply it to your present situation. Simplify your life by simply understanding the forces that affects your totality and your life patterns. It is not wrong to consult your zodiac to improve yourself and your life. It is even a different adventure to try new things. Anyways it is for you own good.

Zodiac clearly holds up something about what we are now. From the earlier era to the modern it is widely and popularly used. It is in terms of presenting it to the people that makes it differ. It is still embraced by many people even the existence of modern technology.


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