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A Glimpse in History

The history of dowsing was not definite but it is believed that it originated in Germany as early as the 15th century. This is for the reason that a certain Martin Luther wrote about dowsing as a way to find metals in 1958. In the 1550 edition of the Cosmographia by Sebastian Munster, there shown a dowsing device that was being used in mining operation. The Cosmograhia is a book that tells how German’s see the world. In 1556, there was a book about mining by Georgius Agricola. This book is titled De Re Metallica. Included in this book is information about dowsing and how it was used to find metals.

In the year 1662, dowsing was believed to be the work of Satan by Gaspar Schott, a Jesuit. But this belief has been doubtful as Schott later told that his thoughts were not absolute. Aside from finding metals, dowsing also was found useful in finding criminals. Dowsing as a means to find criminals was used in the South of France during the 17th century though this process was put to halt because of an order by the justice department. During the Vietnam War, dowsing was also used to find weapons hidden under the surface and in tunnels. There was also in 1986 when 31 soldiers were gone missing due to an avalanche in Norway. Dowsing was used to help in the search and rescue.

The how and why on dowsing is still unknown. Some accept the superstition that lies behind dowsing but many are still trying to find a scientific explanation. But sometimes scientific explanation is less important as long as dowsing helps human find what they are looking for. History just shows how our ancestors use their resourcefulness and skills to help them make their lives better and easier.

Psychic Criminology

Psychic Criminology is now being widely used around the world. Psychics have many extraordinary abilities that can help them see from another perspective. They can give police investigators insights and some guidance on what to find and where to look. Psychic Criminology is no different from an ordinary psychic reading, only its purpose.

The most common psychic ability that is used in Psychic Criminology is psychometry, which is also called token-object reading. This gives psychics the ability to go to a place or touch an object and receive all sorts of information. It is known that psychics receive information from non-traditional ways and with the use of their inner senses and intuition.

There is also the psychic ability called retrocognition or the ability to perceive the past. A psychic can focus his energy to a time and place and see what has happened. Psychics are blessed with the ability to know what has happened to help understand the present. This can be a real help in Psychic Criminology especially if the investigation is going the wrong path.

A psychic can also use his ability of mediumship. This is the ability to communicate with spirits like of the departed. This may be of the victims or the witness. Any message that the psychic will receive can be used to guide the police with their investigations.

A psychic can help a criminal investigation in a lot of ways but this goes without saying that their testimonies are not admissible in court. Anything that a psychic will say is only used as guidance. They give police investigators a lead and it is the police’s job to produce evidence. Psychics can give reasonable doubt on a criminal case but what they say are not absolute. What they have are guidance and insights and possibilities.


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