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The Do's And Don'ts When Dealing Psychic Readers

Psychics have for centuries, become famous and controversial at the same time. And while many psychics have become truly helpful, especially to police when solving crimes, some were noted to be very unscrupulous, and their only objectives were to strip unsuspecting customers of their money.  Here’s a list of a few do’s and don’ts when dealing with psychic readers today.

What To Do When Dealing With Psychic Readers

Here’s a short, but meaningful list of the stuff that you should DO, when dealing with psychic readers, regardless of their specialty.

  1. Make sure you know your purpose, when meeting with the psychic face-to-face, or before sending them an email question online. Whenever you are already clear of your purpose and objectives,  you will ask more specific questions, and the psychic will also have a much better direction of your reading.
  2. Make sure to provide feedback to the psychic, especially if his or her reading is quite off course. The feedback that you’ll provide will help the psychic refresh , or adjust  his thoughts, and enable him/her to provide a sensible reading.
  3. Find the right timing to see a psychic. Make sure that on the scheduled date that your are both physically and emotionally ready to get a reading. Also make sure that your mind is clear of any distractions, anxieties and other worries. To have a sound and effective reading, the person should have a happy heart, and mind. 

Psychic Reading Crystal BallThe Don'ts When Speaking to a Psychic

Here are a few of the things that you should not do , especially when dealing with psychics, and getting a reading.

  1. Do not expect psychics to make the decisions for you. A reputable psychic is fully aware that each one of us has free will, and that the only thing they can provide is guidance and counseling. And from the readings they give, the individual will be able to weight things, and come up with sound and beneficial decisions.
  2.  Do not expect the psychic reader to provide you the winning lottery ticket combinations, nor should you expect them to bring back a lost love, much less a departed family member or relative.
  3. Never take medicine or drink alcohol before coming to a psychic reading session. If you drink or take drugs, your mind may get clouded, and the psychic will never be able to give you a sensible reading.
  4. Never waste the psychic’s time by testing them, or just trying to prove something. Remember that it won’t just be the psychic’s time who will get wasted, but your time (and money as well). Also do not come to a psychic reading with a closed (or biased) mindset. If you think that you’re not going to like the advice of the reader, then better not get a reading in the first place. 

To get a meaningful and beneficial reading, always make sure you prepare the heart, and mind for it. By doing this, you will make the most out of the reading, and the reader too will have a good time talking, and bonding with you.



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