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Do’s and Don'ts in a Psychic Reading

What is a psychic reading? A psychic reading is a spiritual and transcendental session when a client has to sit with a psychic reader to allow them to gather and perceive intuitive knowledge and information via images, messages, symbols and visions that they see through their mind provided by the spiritual realm and their intuitive abilities. When you are in a reading, you would be given a good amount of fair advices, insights and understanding of what life may bring to you and also, the psychic reader would be able to tell you which road to take in order to reach the path of success and happiness. How would I know if I had a good psychic reading? A good psychic reading should feel as if the reading given by the psychic reader could be related to what is currently happening in your present life. It should not feel as if you were given a very generic reading that anyone could take in as an advice for their own life. A good psychic reading should be able to give you the motivation to take on a new direction in life, to start anew and be where you are supposed to be. A good psychic reading should also confirm some things and knowledge that you already have an idea about but lacks proof or evidence. The reading should go smoothly and steadily and also it should feel right after the session. Never allow a psychic reader to ask you to pay more because you have been “cursed” and they will gladly remove or take it away from you for a few extra dollars. Those aren’t legitimate psychic readers and they are just trying to extort money out of you. What should I do and not do during a psychic reading? Do’s 1. You have to be prepared before and during the reading, allow yourself to think positive thoughts and harness positive energy for a good reading result. 2. Make sure that you know your purpose and you know why you wanted to have a reading. Remember what information or knowledge that you would like to get a hold of in the first place. 3. Before the session, clear the clutter out of your mind. Think clearly and avoid overthinking about unnecessary things that would only allow you to gather negative energy. 4. After clearing your mind, also clear your heart. This means that you have to open your heart to the things that could happen to you. Accept what is about to come and let it sink in. 5. You can give your opinions, comments, feedback and views about the reader after the reading. Whether you liked the reading or not, it is best to let the psychic know how you feel after the reading. Express yourself. For sure, the psychic readers would appreciate your honest opinion. 6. Take deep breathes before the reading starts. 7. Compose yourself and allow only positive energy to flow through you and your surroundings so that the psychic would be able to give you a good reading. 8. Expect only realistic things. Psychic readers are human beings who have intuitive abilities that could see the future in images and symbols. They are not God and they could not possibly make it happen whatever it is that you want to hear from them. Only expect the things that are in line with your current state in life. 9. Be serious in having a reading 10. Pull out your positive attitude and thinking during the reading. 11. Listen carefully and attentively as psychic readers could go fast in relaying messages, information and knowledge about your future. If possible, take notes so you can review about what the psychic told you when you reach home. 12. Make sure that you have a good connection with your psychic reader. This is vital because the psychic reader would not be able to read your energy if you do not have a good connection with them. Feel how the reading is going and if you think it is not satisfying and worth it, then end the session immediately. 13. Remember to enjoy the reading and have fun! Don’t’s 1. Do not expect that your psychic reader or counselor will do and make your decisions for you. 2. A psychic reader’s job is to provide insights, information and guidance to their clients but they will not try to tell you that you should follow their advices. 3. A reading is just something that could help you be guided in life. You should not depend on a reading to fix and repair your life for you. 4. Do not ask for lottery winning numbers as the psychic reader would not know about it. 5. Never hold any information from the psychic. Yes, you could be cynical and suspicious about a psychic’s way of reading, but not agreeing or sharing information when it is needed will make the reading useless. It could also lessen the confidence of the psychic reader. If you do this, might as well do not have the reading at all. 6. Do not opt to have a reading when you are intoxicated or when you were exposed to any alcohol or drug substances as the psychic reader will have a hard time reading your energy 7. As much as possible, do not entertain negativity and negative energy. If you do this, the psychic reader will; either (a) not get any information and knowledge at all and (b) be focused on the negative things that are about to happen to you and to your life 8. Do not blame the psychic if what they told you did not happen in real life as they do not see things clearly. They see the visions, images and symbols in their minds as blurred information that just passes through for a short period of time. Keep in mind that psychics aren’t always accurate and precise with their readings. 9. Do not bring your kids or any child when having a reading as it may distract the psychic reader when reading your energy.


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