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Do Scientists Believe In Psychic Phenomena?

Mankind has been witness to a number of people who have demonstrated unique and truly surprising psychic, supernatural abilities. Most of us may have probably heard of people like Uri Geller, Nostradamus,  Edgar Cayce, Inga Swansson, John Edward and others who had the ability to predict the future, read the fortunes of people, and perform other tasks that look impossible to achieve with the use of the five basic human senses.  However, when the scientific community insists that people like these be tested or evaluated in laboratories or experiments, the scientists often claim that the feats of these people were nothing but “hoaxes’ or scams”. Is there enough scientific proof to persuade naysayers that these psychics are for real?

Has The Scientific Community Done Enough Research?

The scientific community has already been documented to have conducted lots of studies, both to prove, and disprove the existence of psychic powers. The British and United States societies of psychical research for example, since the 1800’s, have already collected a lot of data which points to the existence of psychic abilities and phenomena. One of the first people to conduct a study on ESP, or extrasensory perception, Professor JB Rhine of the University of North Carolina, had already done almost forty years of studies, mostly under strict and controlled laboratory conditions, using Zener cards. When Professor JB Rhine passed away in the 1980’s, his wife continued the research, where she concluded that mind to mind communication, or ”telepathy”, and clairvoyance, truly existed. 

The Government Too Had Done A Lot Of Studies On Psychic Research

The United States government too has already conducted a lot of research on the existence of psychic abilities and phenomena. One secret research was actually conducted at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. This activity was done to find out whether psychic ability truly exists, and whether it could be used for civilian or military objectives. There was even a study funded by agencies like the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the NASA, which conducted controlled laboratory studies on ESP. 

In the mid 1970’s, and American astronaut named Edgar Mitchell, who was the 5th man to walk on the moon, wrote a book on psychic exploration. Mitchell notes that there has been a lot of scientific evidence and research conducted to prove the existence of various psychic phenomena, and these were even conducted by leading experts and scientists. Dr. Mitchell however argues that much of the scientific community has “deliberately” ignored or set aside the large amount of evidence gained, because they argued that these phenomena cannot be fully explained by the scientific principles that are currently accepted today.

There was even a time where the country’s top spy agency, the Central Intelligence agency, conducted a lot of research on remote viewing, through the help of two famous psychics (Ingo Swann and Patrick Price). And while insiders in the CIA have secretly informed outsiders that they’ve concluded that remote viewing is real, the agency however has kept the files out of the public eye, and it refutes the statements made by some insiders in the agency.   





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