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Do Psychic Detectives Actually Work?

Where do the ace detectives and investigators of law enforcement departments turn to when they have exhausted every lead and turned every stone to trace the culprit? What do they do when they are out of time and out of luck even though the law enforcement departments are equipped with a large arsenal of investigative tools to help the stalled investigations? The answer is that they turn to psychic detectives, though most of them feel embarrassed in acknowledging their helplessness in doing their job. Psychic detective help these tired investigators solve some of the most baffling cases. Quite few skeptical investigators have been converted into believers by the feats of the psychic detectives.

 Psychic detectives have not only helped the criminal investigators in solving puzzling problems in crime, they have even fine-tuned the sensibilities and gut instincts of many a seasoned detective.

To quote a seasoned detective, “the psychic detectives usually revisit the crime scenes and share their uncanny tips and inexplicable clues with the sleuths of the investigation departments that can help them solve the intractable cases.”

For example, a six-year-old boy was lost in the dense woods of upstate New York during an August thunderstorm. Over two hundred searchers were deployed to locate the boy, but they came empty handed. Time was running out for Dave Redsicker, an investigator and officials of the Tioga County Sheriff’s office. Finding no other source to seek help from, they turned to the local psychic Phil Jordan for help. The clock was ticking away, but the psychic managed to locate the lost child in hundreds of acres of wilderness. It was reported that the psychic used ‘mental maps’ to locate the terrorized child.

In yet another case, the people of a small town, Belvedere, in New Jersey were shocked by the murder of one of their residents. Detective Dave Heater found himself at a dead end despite a few leads. He enlisted the help of detective psychic Nancy Weber and both of them visited the scene of investigation. Heater was surprised to find that his companion was flooded with a host of visions and insights about the criminal, which succeeded in answering all the knotty questions about apprehending the culprit.


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