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Do Most Police Departments Seek Help From Psychics?

Despite the current craze (especially in Hollywood) about anything psychic, the use of psychics by the nation’s law enforcers can still be considered as minimal, or occasional. And even if we are bombarded with lots of TV shows and programs that delve on anything psychic (from Medium to Psychic Detectives and the Ghost Whisperer), a recent survey has noted that of the fifty largest law enforcement and police departments in the country, a whopping sixty five percent of respondents have noted that they have NEVER used, or consulted with mediums, fortune tellers, clairvoyants and other psychics. Those who admitted to calling on psychics to help them solve crimes however, have not publicly announced these, or have simply downplayed their associations with these people.      


How Accurate Are The Insights/Predictions Of Psychics?

The accuracy of the predictions, information or insight offered by psychics continues to remain a bitter bone of contention, especially between the naysayers, and those who believe in the supernatural or paranormal. And while the survey of the 50 largest police departments in the United States   yielded quite mixed results (because a sizable number of police officers continue to remain skeptical), majority of the law enforcers surveyed could still not rule out the “possibility” that a spiritual element can indeed be of help, especially in solving a wide array of crimes. The naysayers however, counter that most psychics often succeed in their predictions, because they are good at “retrofitting” their clues to the facts presented by the police.  

Clairvoyants, mediums, fortune tellers and other psychics however, have been known to play major roles in solving thousands of crimes in human history. Take the case of the John Wayne Gacy murders in Illinois for instance.  A psychic named “Ms. Mari” was noted to have helped detectives locate the serial killer, and solve the case .And aside from the police department, the defense department too have been noted to spend large sums of money in analyzing psychic phenomena. The United Kingdom’s defense ministry in 2007 was noted to have spent around $20,000 to carry out a number of secret tests on whether psychic abilities could be utilized to detect or spot hidden objects and things.   The US defense department was also noted to have spent large sums of money on investigating psychic phenomena like remote viewing, which is the ability to see objects and people, from great distances.  


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