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Different types of psychic reading

A psychic reading is a particular venture to perceive and identify knowledge and information with the use of extrasensory perception or any other method not involving the five basic senses of a normal person. A psychic reading is usually associated through a consultation with a paranormal foundation that you have to pay for such as a reading over the phone, going at psychic fairs and expos or a reading at home where the psychic visits you personally.

Such readings are considered a pseudoscience as it has certain beliefs and practices that are mistakenly regarded as something that has significance and has a relationship with science.

Types of psychic readings

  1. Astrology

Astrological readings re able to gather and present information and understanding regarding the past, the present and the future events and details that you might be able to use. The psychic astrology would need to know your birthday and your zodiac sign and look into the alignment of the sun, stars, planets and the moon to be able to provide an accurate and precise reading.


  1. Palmistry

Another term for palmistry is chiromancy, this is a method used to reveal a one’s personality and character by using the palm of their hands to gather information. A psychic will determine and examine the size, shape, length, position, lines, and even the wrinkles on the hand to before proceeding with the reading.


  1. Sensing auras

This kind of reading is usually done by psychic mediums that are sensitive and has an understanding about the vibrations of colors. Each aura layer means something and the reading should be focused at your current spiritual energies.


  1. Channeling

The channeling method is most often used to communicate with the dead souls, paranormal entities, spiritual beings and energies that do not exist in our tangible world. This method is not only used to gain and receive messages from the spiritual realm but it can also be used to obtain guidance and enlightenment from the supernatural beings that the naked eye couldn’t see.


  1. Angel cards

Angel cards are also known to be called as oracle cards and these are used to be able to connect and communicate with the angels. The angels will give you ample guidance, inspiration, comfort, wisdom and assertion that would most probably help you to be successful in life.


  1. Empathy

An empath is a very sensitive person and they use energies and emotions of the people around them to predict their pasts and futures. Empaths could feel a person’s feelings and emotions and experience it as if the feelings are their own.


  1. Mediumship

Mediumship is the method that psychic mediums use to be able to communicate with a dead loved one. Usually, mediums are being consulted by people who seek comfort and validity and just wanted to receive a message from a dead person.


  1. Tarot cards

Tarot card readers would use a tarot deck to gather information about your past, present and future. They also use the same deck to answer the questions of their clients and provide great advices and insights. A tarot deck has 78 cards in it and the psychic would shuffle and lay out the cards in front of the person who wants the reading. Each card has its own distinctive and exclusive meaning and it would be revealed and interpreted by the psychic.


  1. Numerology

Numerology is used to reveal plenty of knowledge and information about one person. This can be done by reading the numbers associated with your name and the date of your birth. . It can tell you about your personal relationships, love life, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, the hidden truth about your desires and your needs.

Psychics are there for a purpose, and they are pleased and ecstatic to be able to assist and alleviate other people in all the ways that they can. Do not forget, that they will not give demands and tell you what to do or dictate instructions for you to follow. They are only advisors and counselors with special and unique abilities that can help you in a way that no one can. It would not bring harm if you give psychic readings a try, it may, in fact, help you out with what’s causing stress in your life.



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