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Different Psychic Abilities

Psychics have different area of specialization and so you need to know these to find the right psychic for your need. All of these areas of specialization can help you one way or another; pick the manner on which you will be most comfortable with.

Astral Projection

It is the ability of psychics to leave their physical body to go to another place at command.

Aura Reading

Aura reading is basically about the health of a person. Psychic can see energies that emit from someone. These energies will tell mostly about the condition of the body but these can also tell about personalities, thoughts, and emotions.

Automatic Writing

As the phrase suggests, automatic writing is the ability of psychics to write without writing. It is doing so through the power of the mind. Psychics can also do automatic writing with the help of the higher realm or their spirit guides.

Psychic Channeling

This is the ability to make oneself as a channel or as a vessel for other entities to take over. Psychics put themselves in a state of trance or unconsciousness to perform channeling.


Psychics also call this ability as water witching. Dowsing uses sticks, rods, or pendulums on a water form to find lost person, objects, or anything that is precious.


Also known as extra sensory perception. This is the ability that allows the psychic to receive information using his inner sense. Some also calls E.S.P as the sixth sense.


Some may call psychic intuition simply as gut feel but intuition is more than that. It is higher. Psychics receive hunches and feelings without rationally thinking about it. Information comes to them unexpectedly. It is in the psychic’s capability to know which hunches are of value.


Levitation for some is just a magic trick but this is a psychic ability. Psychics have the ability to use their mind and focus it intently for a purpose. When psychics focus their energy into lifting themselves or another above ground then it is doable.


Psychic mediums use this ability to send and receive messages across realms.This is the ability that allows psychics to communicate with the departed. You can go to a psychic medium if you find yourself in a situation with other entities. Psychic mediums can help you send message across and also to understand why these entities are in your life. Mediumship can also help in communicating with the departed. Psychic mediums can help send messages that were not said because of the sudden passing of a beloved loved one.


This is the ability to see the future. Many go to psychics for their ability to see the future. It is instinctive for humans to not want regret and so to somehow gain insight of the future, psychics help. Premonition can be as small as a person’s future or as big as a world event.


This is the ability to see the past. This psychic ability is best for seekers who need to have closure from the past. Understanding what happened can help seekers move forward and finally let go of the past that might be dragging him down.

Tarot Reading

This type of psychic reading uses tarots. Tarots look like playing cards but to the highest level. Tarots have illustrations that depending on the arrangement when laid down can give answers even to the most complex questions.





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