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Difference between psychic powers and spiritual gifts

In basic sense, psychic powers are the plain and simple platform for the combined spiritual gifts. The difference of the two depends and resides in the heart of the bearer and the possessor of the abilities.


The higher bearers are mostly the psychics, as these people have the inclination and the ability to communicate using the mind. This communication is what we call telepathy. Telepathy is one of the basic things that you have to know in order to call yourself a psychic. This is the ability to connect and communicate with other people and beings through the mind.


There are different and various psychic gifts, it ranges from the ability to see clearly, hear audibly, smell distinctly, feel with clarity and some of the gifted people can also taste plainly the spiritual energy of all living and non-living things here on Earth. There is also the ability to heal other people of the illnesses that no doctor can heal. Also, some gifted people have the ability to gather and perceive the energy of the things and the people around them. They can sense and feel the vibrations and auras then they can connect spiritually with spiritually with just about anything. Some psychics plainly have the ability to link with other people’s energy and accumulate information and knowledge about this certain person. These are the various psychic abilities that a person may be gifted with, some have one ability, others have a combination of two or three abilities.


It is common that if you have such special paranormal abilities, you call yourself a psychic. But then again, as mentioned above, these abilities do not just become and turn itself as a spiritual gift. For these gifts may only be considered as “spiritual gifts” if there is something exceptional and distinctive in the heart of the bearer.


So how do we know if the bearer of the ability has something special in his or her heart?


Say for example, your best friend Annie is a psychic and she possesses psychic abilities that were mentioned above, yet she uses her gifts for her own advantage and profit and not for the purpose of selflessly helping other people. Her psychic abilities will remain just as it is, abilities that are there without any special connection to anything spiritually. Your best friend Annie may never know and achieve her Higher self.


The simplest explanation would be: We may all as well possess psychic abilities, some people are aware that they have theirs, and some people just brush it off as their imagination. But the point is, only those who have the heart to share and let other people benefit from their gifts could intensify and deepen the state of their abilities and be considered as Spiritual gifts. With this, you allow yourself to be a great tool or asset for the sake of humanity and you allow yourself to be powered and supplied by the Great Spirit of life. This spirit may call upon the whole universe to direct its potential to you and allow your gifts to become stronger and more intense.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a server of humanity and do something for the greater good? Your psychic abilities will always be there but it is up to you to convert it and use for the benefit of the majority and the needy than for your own benefit. You will know, that in time of selfless acts, you will feel uplifted and enlightened by your actions. Living a life of giving is never inferior. Always remember that in line with your selfless act for humanity, humanity will also return its favor to you. Reward yourself with that simple yet substantial feeling of satisfaction and exuberance.


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