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What's The Difference Between Free, and Paid Psychic Readers?

Psychics continue to remain popular, and sought-after, even during these techie and fast-paced times. And although some view psychics with cynicism and fear, more and more people have claimed to have received wonderful benefits in getting a reading. And when shopping around for reputable psychics, you will soon find out that there are psychics who offer their services for free, while others charge hourly or per-minute rates for their services. Just what exactly is the difference between getting a free psychic reading, to a paid session? Let’s take a look at the basic differences.

Fast Facts Behind Paid Psychic Readings

For those who are wary of free psychic readings, and would rather opt to have paid psychic consultations, here are a number of helpful points to consider.

  1. Whenever you pay for a psychic reading session, regardless of whether it is a live reading, or an email/chat session, you are most likely required to pay via PayPal or credit card. And when paying via these means, you are also asked to enter your payment details. Hence, make sure you are only dealing with legitimate psychic readers, because if you deal with scam artists, you may be exposing yourself to identity theft.
  2. Not all paid psychic reads are 100% accurate.  You need to do a lot of research and evaluating, so that you’ll only get reliable and experienced readers. And as soon as you find a reputable psychic, whether offline or online. Make sure to ask them if they provide free “test” readings.
  3. By connecting with reputable psychic readers, you can be assured that these guys are going to give you back sound and meaningful readings. These guys will definitely be sensitive to your feelings, and they too will understand that you value the money you pay them; hence they will never compromise their reputation, and give you nothing but a good reading. 

The Free Psychic Readings

Is there such a thing as a “free” psychic reading today? According to veteran psychics, there is really “nothing” free when it comes to providing psychic readings. There will probably be readers who’d be glad to offer free readings for the first two or three minutes, after which they may charge the usual normal rates. On the Internet however, you can find free readings, especially from budding psychics who are currently testing, practicing or honing their psychic abilities. Generally, the readings given out by these aspiring psychics are of the generic and standard form, hence you may not hear anything surprising or exciting at all.

And one of the problems with getting free psychic readings online is that many of these “readings” are just generated electronically (and may sometimes sound too repetitive). However, if you truly wish to get a free psychic reading, then there are various psychics online who offer free chat and email readings. Just make sure that you have an open mind before connecting with them, so that you won’t get frustrated with their answers, or you won’t get mad at any negative findings that they may perceive.



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