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Developing Psychic Ailities

According to psychic researchers, each one of us is born with some form of psychic ability. And while it is believed that only 10 to 20 percent of individuals will be successful at sharpening their psychic abilities, one of the keys to fully unleashing your psychic powers is by acknowledging that its exists, and that you truly want to develop it.  According to veteran psychics, this self-talk and positive mantra can be of great help, and should be repeated to yourself as often as possible.  Let’s take a close look at what else needs to be done to successfully develop your psychic abilities.

Dig Deeper, And Penetrate Your Subconscious

Becoming a full-pledged psychic requires a lot of mind conditioning and positivity. According to psychologists, whenever a person constantly practices, and learns something, whether it’s learning to play the guitar, or learning how to be a clairvoyant, the constant affirmation and repetition are likely to have a major impact on the person’s brain. Through the repetition and constant affirmation, the person’s brain “rewires”  or retools itself, and it will slowly enable the person to accommodate that task.  And although the job of re-wiring the brain will take some time, this will allow the person to successfully penetrate deep into his or her subconscious, and unleash his or her full psychic potentials.  

Practice Helps Sharpen Your Psychic Skills

There are actually a lot of ways for you to practice honing your psychic skills. For example, whenever the phone rings, try to predict who is calling. Or if you’re riding an elevator, try to guess what floor the person next to you is going to. Another good tool to use for practicing would be tarot cards. By learning how to cut, and perform spreads, you will learn how to read the meaning of each spread, and the ideas you will gain by understanding the meaning of the cards will help sharpen your innate psychic abilities.

Never Give Up

And just like learning to play the piano, or trying to learn how to play football or tennis, sharpening your psychic skills and abilities requires constant, diligent practice.  And while the mysterious and  elusive nature of psychic phenomena will certainly make it a bit hard for you to measure your progress, the key to success lies in never giving up.        

And once you decide to work your way towards sharpening your psychic abilities, ensure that you set aside a number of hours each day for this. Set aside a place or room that’s silent and calm, and far from outside noises or distractions.  On this room, squat or comfortably sit or lie on the floor, close your eyes, relax your thoughts, and allow them to just wander. You could try picturing a cool breezy field or meadow on a summer day, or imaging yourself lying alone on a secluded beach on a late afternoon. You could also sit and close your eyes, and try analyzing the different sounds or noises you hear.   


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