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Dealing with Anger

Anger management pertains to the ability to focus about effective solutions that will help to normalize an individual’s psychological integrity such as decreasing the level of anger for a particular period of time. This particular management will not be effective without the use of communication activities that will be bridging the process of initiating the focused therapeutic process to improve an individual’s condition that is suffering from impaired psychological pattern that is responsible for releasing anger. In anger management, interpersonal communication is important because it refers to the ability of an individual or scholars that exchange message to each other through conversation as well as establishing interaction to other individuals, groups, and organizations. This process can be applicable to all kinds of individuals that are experiencing different stages of anger for the reason that it will allow individuals to develop sense of trust while their relationship has been newly established over a particular span of time.

When an individual will show signs of anger, they will have a temporary lack of emotional instability because their state of emotional behavior is triggered by an extreme anxiety that is causing anger towards others or even to self. In this case, they are experiencing a stressful event that is responsible for creating an extreme aggressive behavior in order to release their frustrations to a particular individual or an event that is responsible for resisting the presence of stressor. Anger is considered by medical scientists and practitioners as the body’s non specific response to any demand made upon by unpleasant environment. The person that is exhibiting anger had already passed through the stage of alarm and is now eliciting under the stage of resistance, which is showing anger to self, others, or a particular object. It is a part of anger adaptation syndrome that is aimed for dealing with psychological capacity of an individual by examining their behavior towards an event that is causing their stressful response at a certain period of time.

Anger management response will be helpful if an individual that is exhibiting signs and symptoms of aggressive behavior such as stress should be responded by a calm environment. In this case, the person that will be witnessing a calm environment will be therapeutic response because it helps to balance their aggressive behavior in order to alleviate symptoms of being agitated and frustrated. Providing an empathetic relationship is a therapeutic response for the reason that the patient that is angry will realize that there is someone that is willing to listen and to care for their feelings that can stabilize their internal conflict. As a management, it is essential to be firm and consistent because it is an action that will help develop sense of trust for the patient to realize that they are not in their stable condition as an agitated individual. Providing a positive environment will also help angry individuals to regain their self-confidence back, which will help their self-esteem to become more stress free.


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