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Daily Clairsentience Occurrences

When you sense a certain surge of energy around a person when you touch her or you feel a certain vibe when you hold an object, your clairsentience ability is at work.  A clairsentient is a compassionate individual who feels the energy around her. The energy she senses can either be good or bad, smooth or rough, and perhaps light or heavy.  The information revealed through the energies is manifested in either light or dark colors or happy and sad emotions. Clairsentience is also experienced through information about the past, present and future events of a person’s life making it an important ability of psychics.

Everyone is born with the clairsentience psychic ability.  It is up to you to nurture the gift of being able to sense emotions and moods.  To use this gift you need to closely listen to your intuition and responses from your gut feelings. If you use your clairsentience in making decisions in your life, you will be able to make sound decisions that will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

How does your clairsentience ability get to work?  Your angels will use your intuition to communicate messages that will be able to guide you. Your angels make use of the sensations you feel in your body to grab your attention.  Signs that reveal you are experiencing clairsentience include:

< >You feel a sudden change in the temperature of the room.

When you experience any of these situations, it means your angels are trying to grab your attention. To be sure they are indeed your angels, be more sensitive of your senses so you will know if it is your clairsentience psychic ability at work.  If you think it is, use your intuition for the guidance you need. 


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