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Crystal Ball Readings

Consider some common scenarios such as you are burning with an ambition to win a large sum of money in a lottery, pining for your lady love, apprehensive about the bad luck that forever haunts you or, you don’t know how to succeed in life. Visit a psychic and you will find that by reading through the crystal ball, he will be able to give you the answers to all your queries.

Crystal ball readings have an interesting past. The ancient Atlanteans used crystal balls as an indispensable source for seeking answers to their questions and fulfilling other needs in their daily lives. Crystal balls were made of different patterns, sizes, colors, and tones. Crystals derive their uncanny energy from various planets, especially the sun and the earth.  Crystals are believed to carry ‘encoded messages’ that generate the truths we need to know.

In the Victorian age, crystal balls were used along with palmistry and astrology. Elaborate rituals for cleaning the crystal balls were performed before crystal gazing. The best results from crystal gazing were obtained when the sun was at its northernmost point.

Selecting a crystal ball can be an interesting experience. Actually, it is a misnomer that you are selecting a particular crystal ball. It is, in fact, the other way round. It is the crystal ball that selects you. Crystals boost your energy and enable you to communicate with spirits or other entities. The larger the crystal balls, the stronger the energy that they release. Moreover, you can view clearer images in larger crystal balls.

After you have selected the crystal ball, take it home, and clean it with soap and water. Thereafter, place it in the sunlight and also moonlight to energize it. Having done this, hold the crystal ball in your hands for sometime. You will feel the vibrations of energy running through you. The waves of peace and relaxation that pass through your body have to be experienced to be believed.

Crystal ball reading can imbibe you with psychic energy. It can make you clairvoyant. You can see the visuals in the crystal ball, both physical and ethereal. When two persons gaze into the crystal ball simultaneously, they see different images. It is like tuning to a radio. You choose your own frequency.

The images that you see need interpretation or divination. You may see images of various shapes, sizes, and colors. They may be stationary or mobile. They may move around the ball as if conveying some significant information or they may appear flat. Some may have two dimensions, while other may be holographic, which means the images may have been created in the crystal matrix.

The images viewed in the crystal ball have a unique symbolic significance and need careful interpretation. The larger the images, the easier and clearer their interpretation and better are the results. The readings should be recorded on paper or a tape recorder.

Crystal gazing is very useful, creative, relaxing and an enjoyable activity. It helps cure various ailments that defy mundane medical treatment. It sends healing and healthy vibrations that rejuvenate the user. Crystals transmit vibrations at certain frequencies which promote healing. Quartz crystals are particularly known to possess powerful healing characteristics in that they bring about a balance in our energy field. It is this imbalance in the energy field that is the root cause of many troubles.

Crystal reading awakens, develops and refines the psychic abilities and strengthens the intuition. It helps you develop your powers of concentration and connects you with your source, which is what meditation is really about.  All this makes you mentally alert and clear in your thoughts.

Our expert psychic crystal ball readers can help you in many ways in your day to day problems, which may relate to your mental and physical health, by restoring the balance in your energy field. They can interpret the significance of the symbols and images in relation to your life, both past and present. They can contact your spirit guides and seek their advice in resolving the knotty loops that prevent you from progressing and achieving your aims. 


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