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Crystal Ball and Psychic Reading: How Does It Work

What are crystal balls?


Crystal balls are known to be popular tools used by some psychics in their divination. It has been around for over four thousand years and the art of collecting data, information and knowledge from crystal balls is called Scrying. Actually, Scrying is basically the art or divination of looking into anything that has a reflective surface such as mirrors, crystals, water and glasses to receive insights, information and knowledge.


Crystal balls also need to be charged, how so? You can just leave it under the light of the full moon for a couple of nights. The moon’s light will charge it. However, do not leave the crystal ball under direct sunlight because it might weaken the crystal’s charm and it may become not able to help the psychic to focus on their energies.


There are different kinds of crystal balls, these are: natural quartz crystal, laboratory-grown crystal and glass crystal. The most effective ones are the natural quartz crystals as these crystals are known to help the psychic with the concentration of their energies thus making the readings more accurate and genuine.


Here are some of the effects of the crystal ball reading depending on the crystal being used:


Amethyst balls – Good for speaking with the spirit guides

Rose quartz balls – Reliable when it comes to emotional issues such as soulmates, heartbreaks and moving on

Smoky quartz balls – Good for pushing away negative energy

Obsidian balls – Better used if you want to dig deep within a person’s soulmate

Lapis balls, Sodalite balls and Dumotierite balls – Known to give harmony and allows the psychic to become more receptive

Citrine balls, Topaz balls, Ametrine balls and Amber balls – Known to provide and let the positive side of an issue be known


Can a crystal ball be used or touched by anyone?


Contrary to what is known, crystal balls are private and personal belongings that only the psychic owner is allowed to touch. Why? Because the energy and thought of other people will be passed on to the crystal ball and it might contaminate and corrupt it. The psychic may lose and weaken their personal connection and authority with the crystal ball


How does a crystal ball reading work?


People often see wizards, gypsies, oracles and seers that look over crystal balls to watch a certain person while on a mission or an adventure or that the crystal ball talks to them and tells them a load of information from the future. Forget about all of these, crystal balls do not have such power because it is mainly a tool or an instrument used by psychics to carry out their readings and divination. The power to foretell the future is still within the psychic himself and not on the crystal ball.


Psychics claim that they could see flashes of images, symbols, signs, visions and figures on the crystal ball when they try to focus on it. These visions and images are messages from the universal energy that is somehow relevant to the psychic or to the person being read by the psychic. But the real and actual use of the crystal balls is for the reader or the psychic to be able to control and manage their energies to provide good readings to their clients. As we all know, crystals are great energy stabilizers because of the piezoelectricity that they carry around with them, what more if it is as big as a ball, yes?

Keep in mind that crystal ball gazing needs and takes a lot of practice and training and also a lot of patience and tolerance but once you get the hang of it, you will surely be more receptive, more flexible and more proficient on giving out psychic reading through or with a crystal ball.



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