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Consult and Have A Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyance comes of French origin which means “clear vision.”  Clairvoyance is seeing what others cannot see. Clairsentience or “clear feeling,” clairaudience or “clear hearing” and claircognizance or “clear knowing” are other categories of clairvoyance. Clairvoyants are people who have the ability to see beyond what others can normally see.  They perceive information about a person, an object, a location, or an occurrence that has happened or about to happen. 

Clairvoyant readings are perceptions of clairvoyants who can see through relationship issues, love matters, career success or failure, see outcomes of choices to be taken, provide clear information for something that is unclear, and identification of hindrances that block personal success. 

With the recent advances in technology, clairvoyant readings can now be done online.  Clairvoyant readings can be done through tarot cards, angel cards, and though other divinatory practices.  Clairvoyant readings can also be done through the phone, as well as it has become popular in instant messaging services.

Clairvoyant readings guide one in daily life.  These can also tell how past events affect present life.  Clairvoyant readings can see the future of each choice to be taken.  They can also give information on who your soul mate is in the future or if the person you are involved in the current moment is your soul mate.  Clairvoyant readings can in tune you energy so that you can be healed of your physical or emotional pain.  They can also give guidance on specific concerns. 

Clairvoyant readings can sometimes be not in tune if you have disbelief in them. It is important that you open yourself to positive energies so that you can be read properly.

 Your positive and negative vibrations can be seen in clairvoyant readings.  Guides and guardian angels can also be seen through clairvoyant readings. 

The totality of your clairvoyant reading can be done by the rose reading, the chakra reading, and the aura reading

Your present condition in life can be looked that the size, shape, color, texture of the rose with the Rose Reading. 

Chakra reading will tell you the relationship between your spirituality and your physical wellness.  Your seven chakras include the root for survival, clairscetience for emotions, solar plexus or energy distribution, heart for affinity, clairaudience for communication, clairvoyance for truth or lie, and crown for transmediumship.  Other chakras include psychometry, telekinesis, and precognition. 

Aura Reading will describe how your body is surrounded by the seven layers of energy field or aura that are correlated with a color.  The colors show what are your true goals and wants in life.

What is of significance to you and what energy other people carry around is what can be seen in the aura.  The aura can see excess energy that lead to troubles, pain, and confusion.  This is the step where the reading helps you take your future decisions. 

Sometimes, you go for a reading and you do not have the set questions you want to ask.  Along the way, you will ask questions.  You will be given spiritual help ad simple suggested activities like reading a book, playing the piano, doing your hobby, talking to your favorite person, watching your favorite movie, or even dining out can be suggested. 

Clairvoyant reading can help explore the unknown and blind side to each one of us. 

May you have more power with clairvoyant reading! 


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