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Concept Involving Feng Shui


This is the most basic concept in Feng Shui. Chi is the term used by the Chinese to define the energy from all living things. In time, the Chinese people have learned how to control these energies. Feng Shui is about manipulating objects to gain the best possible flow of Chi.

Yin and Yang

This popular Chinese phrase is all about balance. The Chinese people believe that there should always be balance like when there is light then there should be darkness. When there is bad then there is good out there for sure. It is used to define what is and what is not.

The Five Basic Elements

These five elements are fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. To do Feng Shui is to know the connections of these elements. Each object has its elements and so it is very important to know which goes with which to get the optimum flow of energy. Feng Shui is about putting the right object that will give what is needed.

The Kua or Trigrams

These are used to have a more definite reading and more specific action in Feng Shui. The Kua or Trigrams add currency to know the levels of Yin and Yang.

The Ba Zi Method

This method is also called the Eight Character method. This is a way of providing a reading using a person’s date of birth. The Ba Zi Method can help in foretelling the future. It is very similar to the western astrology reading, it is believed though that the Ba Zi Method is more focused and different for every person.


This may be one of the most basic and popular Chinese teaching. The Chinese people believe that to receive well, one must do well, that everything that is done will have its corresponding consequence and effect.




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