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Computing Love Percentage

Love calculators also called as love test meters are used in finding the compatibility of two people just by basing from the information about the two. There are numerous sites online that offer this free service. One can gain information about the person he/she likes. These pieces of information may help the person to learn more about the person and the type of mate he/she is finding. Love calculators solve the problems regarding the other person’s current relationship status or even the truthfulness of the relationship a person is in.


The above mentioned device is normally used by people who are confused in the field of love. They tend to use things that would gauge the probability of love to blossom between him/her to a person he/she likes. Love calculators are used for fun tests. It is useful for those people who want to confirm the amount of success their relationship may acquire. Also, the relationship is rated with a certain percentage depending on the quality of love a couple is expressing for each other.


A love calculator uses the couple’s names as the basis for acquiring and interpreting readings. It uses a pre-formatted algorithm that solves or computes for the success rate of a relationship. A compatibility test may also be used. There is no scientific basis for this whatsoever. The process is purely pseudo-scientific. The science does not exist but there is a study behind it. The expectancy for it to be real and concrete is not much. Nonetheless, users utilize love calculators for fun and entertainment.


The first entry a love calculator would take is the user’s name and the other person’s name. One should know that full names are require. There is a study that shows the relationship between a person’s name and the movement of stars. In simple terms, a person’s name is based through fate and not through luck. Sometimes, love calculators require birthdates. The astrological sense comes from the year of birth and what stars did appear the night a person is born.


Information gathered by the love calculator will be used to determine the kind of relationship a person is in right now. It is used to know if there is a chance that the couple would last long and if their personalities match. The calculated result is put in a percentage form for a universal basis or reading. Nonetheless, not all love calculators issue the same readings. This is due to the fact that they have different algorithms and computations. Thus, proper gauging whether a reading is consistent or not is required.

Other people may say that love calculators does not provide a concrete reading for a certain relationships while some testify for its truthfulness. Each person have different perspectives in love. Thus, readings vary from a person to another. A love calculator is just there to guide you and not issue “the truth” for one to seriously honor. These are mere computations to guide you on your way for a better relationship. In this way, relationships may be maintained and proper measures to stay strong may be obtained.


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