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Compatibility of Chinese Astrology Signs To Determine Endurance Of Relationships

Compatibility determines the endurance of our relationships. Quite often we are carried away by the appearances and make commitments. Problems in compatibility become the cause of divorce in marriages, or, break-ups in love or business relationships.

 It is always advisable to consult a psychic for his advice on the compatibility issues before entering into relationship. He will either forbid you to go ahead or suggest some plan or strategies to keep your relationship warm and healthy.


Here is an example of how compatibility works in Chinese zodiac signs:

If you are a Tiger personality

You are courageous like the animal that represents you. You are a born leader and are always ready to take action or blaze new trails.

You are fiercely independent and willingly to go alone if nobody is ready to run with you. You can be a formidable enemy or a competitor. Your strong will and passion can make you a star performer.

You can be distinguished by your commanding personality among your companions. Your presence generates confidence and excitement among your friends and followers.

Despite your ferocious nature, you can be humorous as well. You are likely to be caught off guard while you enjoy a joke or a lighthearted situation. This kind of attitude often appears incongruous with your character.

You have your kinder side too. You can empathize with the feelings and emotions of those who are in distress and readily help them.

The downside of your passionate nature is that you get emotionally stressed especially when you are frustrated with the people and the events. You become edgy and anxious.

The high level of energy and passion often makes you impatient. You cannot tolerate delays. You behave impulsively and often take wrong decisions. You can also rush in where angels fear to tread. You must be careful to think before you take any action.

These traits are more prominently visible when you are young and careless. You enter into relationship without thinking deeply and quit it soon thereafter. This often leads to emotional disturbance.


Compatibility Sign Tiger

A Tiger personality is compatible with Horse, which is adventurous, fun loving and enjoys the outdoors as well as a variety of sports. It truly enjoys the combination of working out and being outdoors---hiking, jogging, biking, rock wall climbing.
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