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Communicate With Angels Through Angel Cards

Angel cards are used to heal and for guidance.  You don’t have to fear any of the decks for it is positive cards since angels are known as our protector. It is a mere guidance and a light to your journey and daily life.

Ask your angels. Communicate with them through the decks. Learn more of them through your interaction to them by laying out your cards. Do you feel interested if you learn that there are guide before you read your own cards? Of course it is not simply reading the cards. You have to follow some tips in order to have a successful communication with the angels.

Guide in Read Angel Cards

Meditate. Try to connect with your angels. Feel at ease and familiarize yourself with those decks. Shuffle it as you are just playing with it. Ask help from the Holy Spirit. Prayers will help to connect with angels. Light incense. Drop an oil to oil burner. Don’t forget your candles. This is usually part of any rituals because it symbolizes light. Put the angel cards in a safe place. Place it in a wooden box right after you used the decks.

Angel Cards Spreads

Spreads is how you lay out the cards. The simplest spread is the Three Card Spread .It symbolizes your past, present and future. The Six Card Spread explains why the occurrences in the past happened, how to transform things in the present and how to improve things in the future. You certainly ask about many things running out of your mind. Since angels are heaven sent, all things come in positive way and no worry about negative forces.

It lies in your hands how to interact well with the angels. Believe in yourself and have faith. Follow your instincts. Though angel cards come along with instruction or leaflets, trust your instincts. Be yourself and guided accordingly. To talk to your angels be sure you are in a quiet place for meditation. You are doing a holy thing and silence is very important. Communication should be sacred between you and angels. You must free yourself from the outside world away from any disturbances. In seeking some answers, ask your angel to give you certain answer or a sign where to find the right answer. Angels will direct you to the right path.

In every reading ask first the blessing of the angels. Hold the cards as if you are giving your whole heart and ask the angel to transmit the answer to your questions in the angel cards. Ask the angel to help you read the decks accurately. You can use the reading to help you make decisions in life particularly to your career, heart matters, family relationships and even money problems. It will answer you positively. So better devote more of your time to learn how to read angel cards. It is beneficial to you.Ways are easy. You can your set of angel cards through buying it in your favorite bookstore or place your order online. Happy angel reading to all.


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