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Clairvoyants: Are They Real and How to Find Legit Ones

Ever since psychics became famous and popular go-to people in the early 1800s, a lot of people have been pretending to have psychic skills and abilities just so they can maneuver, deceive and rip-off other people who firmly believes in the abilities of the genuine and legitimate psychics.


Psychics have been known to many that they possess an intuitive ability that they worked hard on just to develop and strengthen those abilities. They have helped those who were confused, assisted those who were perplexed, relieved those who were demented and guided those who were lost to be better, stronger and healthier than they could ever be.


It is sad to say that frauds, fakes and charlatans had found various ways to spoil, damage and disfigure the good image of the genuine psychics worldwide. Nowadays, a lot of people are skeptical, suspicious and unconvinced about a psychic’s intuitive abilities. Most of them have probably been swindled or ripped off by the fraudulent psychics who pretends to have an intuitive ability so they could get money from the pockets of the innocent people.


In all honesty, psychic abilities could be found within everyone in this world. We all possess these abilities as we all have intuitive instances and we sometimes follow our gut feeling. Genuine psychics uses and enhances their abilities so they could help, assist and guide the people who needs and seeks their valuable and advantageous talents, skills and mastery.


Here are some points to remember when you are trying to distinguish a real clairvoyant from the fake ones:


1.  A real and genuine clairvoyant motivates and persuades independence, freedom and empowerment.


There are times when you, as a single person who lives in this planet, seek out a helping hand from psychics and clairvoyants. In those times, you feel weak, depressed, frail, exhausted, dispirited, miserable and all other feelings and emotions that you can feel and associate with sadness, and you think that the only person who can help you out are the people with unique abilities such as psychics. This is called “Psychic Dependency”.


A fraudulent clairvoyant will definitely persuade and urge you to go to them and be more dependent on them because they get to have a regular client who they can charge every day or every week and that means extra money for them. They wouldn’t care about their client’s welfare at all because all they care about is themselves.


A genuine clairvoyant will encourage you to make your own decisions and they would admit firsthand that they do not have all the answers to all your questions. You will know when a psychic is genuine when they tell you that you have been dependent enough and when you need an alternative or professional help.


2. A real and genuine clairvoyant would not tell you about curses and other frightening matters.


A genuine clairvoyant wouldn’t have to intimidate their clients and talk about things that would only inflict fear. Instead, they will be honest, true and direct to the point when giving out their readings. Fear instills negativity and that is one thing that psychics and clairvoyants wish to stir away from.

3. A real and genuine clairvoyant would never pretend to be a doctor or a lawyer.


There are a lot of fraudulent clairvoyants that go around telling people that they have a certain kind of illness or that they are going to die. Some even give words of advices regarding a lawsuit of some sorts but that should never happen when you are facing a genuine and legitimate clairvoyant.


If a genuine clairvoyant sees that you are suffering from an illness, they wouldn’t tell you what you have to drink or do in order to be well, instead they will advice you to go see a real doctor so you can get an authentic examination from the hospital.

Genuine psychics and clairvoyants know the limits in their powers and they know that they could not give what God could give us. They are humble and down to earth and they know that they have their amazing abilities because they need to help out and be someone who spreads good vibrations and energy in this world.


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