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Clairvoyants America's Got Talent

The clairvoyants, Thommy and Amelie, came from Vienna, Austria. They said that is their happiness and delight to explore and wander around the world and showcase their abilities by executing and effectuating their tricks in diverse and different cities and in an assortment of chances and occasions such as corporate events, cruise ship programs, variety shows and galas.

The Clairvoyants are two people who declared and held fame as a magic duo in the America’s Got Talent show, a reality show that is being aired on NBC television network. Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass are both from Austria and the performed on the 11th season of the reality TV show in 2016, claiming the 2nd place in the final round.

The duo accomplishes and presents mentalism such as reading other people’s minds and creating mentalist illusions permitting the viewers and the public to be astonished and astounded and perceives a supernatural and extraordinary feeling in the studio. The clairvoyant had the audiences, from the studio and all over the world, asking and wondering how they do what they do. Questions like ‘How do they do their tricks?’ and ‘Where are they really from?’ were raised.

Thommy Ten trusts and believes in his own abilities and call his art as the “entertainment for the new generation.” It has been celebrated that Amelie van Tass had been very eager and passionate as she had always adored and found pleasure in performing on stage ever since she was young. In 2010, she had progressed and advanced from MoveOn Dance Center as a professional dancer in Vienna and she noticed that she desired to venture in the performing arts and illusions and became very fervent and excited in learning the tricks in mentalism. She claims to have a powerful wisdom and comprehension of intuition and she stated that she is the only legitimate or statutory female clairvoyant in the whole world. They have been given the award for the ‘World Champions of Mentalism’ back in 2015 at the World Championships of Magic, which is utterly astounding and surprising as that award was the first time to be handed and given in 30 years.

Throughout their delightful and amusing production with the $200-bill in America’s Got Talent, some cynics and nonbelievers tried divulging or broadcasted their trick and commented that they use a tool or an apparatus, called a Thumper, which transfers and imparts Morse codes with vibrations and was dispatching the codes by tapping his foot.  Some believe that they only do it so well that no one in the audience, in the studio or on screen, seems to observe or detect their personal stratagem.

Even though they hear denunciations, attacks and negative feedback about their performance, a real magician or psychic never tells the recipe or the key to their tricks. Up until now they have kept everyone, the audiences and the judges, thinking and suspecting and that’s what makes them good, entertaining and interesting. That is what their fans love about them so why would they spill their confidential and mysterious riddle, yes?

Clairvoyants are people who are able to foresee the past, present and future of a certain person, place or event. They are gifted with an extraordinary ability that allows them to read, feel and sense the aura, the vibration and the natural forces with just the use of their minds. Their gift allows them to see what lies beneath and what might come ahead of us. What’s nice about their abilities is that they can read a person even though it is their first time to see each other, even without a word spoken or an introduction at hand. As clairvoyants they could tell within themselves if a person is deceptive or dishonest just by feeling their auras. With their gifted abilities, clairvoyants are great counselors and advisors as they are sensitive enough to feel for you and to give wise words of advice when they can read your future. This is to allow you to have a better choice to develop and decide for your future in a more enthusiastic and more vigorous way.


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