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Clairvoyant Readings

The word ‘clairvoyant’ is a derivative of the French word, ‘clairvoyance’ which means ability to see clearly.

The word is literally used to denote a clear optical vision. But it is also used in common person’s language in more perceptive understanding than is visible through the physical eyes.

Let us be clear: a common person’s ‘perceptive understanding’ is limited to discovering the meanings or implications of certain questions or situations which have hitherto eluded their wisdom.  The revelation of the new meaning occurs only when someone assists them with explanatory hints. Or, it occurs when the person perceives the situation in its real context.

Of late, the word ‘clairvoyant’ has found its way into the domain of psychics where it has acquired an altogether a new, exalted, mysterious or spiritual significance. It is used for the psychics who possess the ability to see the hidden truths, the dormant meanings or answers to the questions or situations that remain beyond the purview of the faculties of the common people-whether physical or mental.

The phrase ‘clairvoyant readings’, therefore, means the revelations of the psychics which in common man’s parlance are called predictions or answers to the questions that baffle them because they cannot be found through the conventional or mainstream wisdom.


Man has been plagued by problems since he was born. The problems continue to pester him even  to-date despite the tremendous advancement of knowledge. As mentioned above, there are problems whose resolution defies the best of the expert wisdom.

People want answers to their questions or predictions about their future not only out of curiosity, but also because they are important for their well-being and peaceful existence. Clairvoyant readings help them to chart out the course of future so that they do not make mistakes and suffer for them.


The word clairvoyant is, in fact, used for psychics who are endowed with the powers of clairvoyance. They can reveal hidden truths and also predict the future in context of a host of problems that baffle the people in their daily life.



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