Clairvoyant Readings - Do They Work Even If You’re Far Away?

Clairvoyant Readings - Do They Work Even If You’re Far Away?

The word “clairvoyance” is derived from two French words that mean “clear vision”. This means that individual with clairvoyance abilities can gain, or access information, on future events, as well as on persons, places and things, without the use of the basic human senses. Clairvoyants however are quite different from people who have telepathy or ESP (extrasensory perception) powers, because the information gained from telepathy is derived from the mind of another individual, while the information gained by a clairvoyant is taken direct from an external physical source”.  Let’s look at the validity (and efficacy) of clairvoyant phone readings.

Clairvoyant Psychic AdviceWhat Makes A Good Clairvoyant Phone Reading?

Clairvoyants who specialize in telephone readings are often noted to have special “remote viewing” skills, which allow them to sense the person’s aura, and give a definitive reading, even if the customer is very far away  and only speaking to them via the telephone. A good phone reader also does not speak or discuss facts in an open-ended manner, and say information that could easily refer to just about anyone.  This scheme is generally called a “cold reading”, and would generally not offer anything concrete or relevant to the customer. A professional phone reader only provides useful and relevant information to the customer, because they have the experience, as well as the ability to deliver a high level of accuracy, in terms of the predictions and information presented.  

Are Phone Clairvoyant Readings Effective?

A lot of research has already been made with regard to the efficiency and relevance of clairvoyant phone readings. Most of the studies showed positive results however, as the study involved professional clairvoyants, who showed the ability to tune in to the vibrations of their customers, despite the distance that separated them. Another study was performed on one of the Apollo space mission flights, where astronauts used Zener cards to send messages to the people back in earth. The experiment suggested that clairvoyance can truly work over great distances.

Clairvoyant Phone Readings Are Affordable

Clairvoyant readings over the telephone have become very popular today, because more individuals find the option to be a very convenient and affordable one. Psychic phone readings are certainly convenient because the person need not leave the comfort of their own home, and see the clairvoyant face-to-face. However, this option may be quite expensive if the individual is calling from another region or country. However, if the person can call by using free online services like Skype, then the price of the service can be lessened.

Clairvoyant readings through text and SMS have also risen in popularity today, because these are also convenient and affordable.  However, it may be a quite hard for someone to get a more detailed and thorough reading through text, due to space and text character number limits. However, if you wish to get a standard, general reading, then the SMS clairvoyant service would be more than enough to suit your curiosity.  


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