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Clairvoyant Medium Readings


What is a clairvoyant?


A clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to foretell the future with their extrasensory perception and they are also human beings who can see beyond what the eyes can see through their third eyes. Their abilities allow them to gather and collect special intuitive knowledge and information about certain people, knowledge about their past, present and future that could help them be better people and make better choices in life.


Clairvoyants are good advisors, teachers and guides as they are able to see through people’s energies and they are able to know what to advice to them so they could be encouraged and inspired to be good people and be the best that they can be. An experienced and skilled clairvoyant are able to see flashes of images, symbols, numbers, words, colors and visions in their head, and usually, these visions are about the past, the present and the future situations of a person’s life. Only the experienced clairvoyants would be able to distinctly and precisely decipher and interpret these visions as they have seen enough all throughout their lives.


What is a Medium?


A medium is a person who has the ability to see the spirits and souls of the dead people and they are also able to connect and communicate with the spirits that they see. It is also believed that they could also see and speak to other supernatural entities such as fairies, gnomes, dwarves, elves, demons and angels. A medium allows themselves to be the channel between a living person and a soul if they want to communicate.


There are various means of mediumship, it could be through seance, trance, physical, channeling and direct voice. It depends on what your medium could perform for you. Also, mediums can also have the ability of clairvoyance but mediumship is exclusively for mediums.


What are the benefits of a clairvoyant reading?


1. A clairvoyant reading could give you reassurance that everything is going to be alright. Maybe not today, but soon.

2. A clairvoyant reading could give you the validation that you need with your current situation. This could boost your confidence in a lot of things.

3. A clairvoyant reading could help you with your issues in life and could give you the peace of mind that you need.

4. A clairvoyant reading could mentally and emotionally prepare you for what is about to happen.

5. A clairvoyant reading could provide inspiration and encouragement to you and will allow you to embrace the change in your life.

6. A clairvoyant reading could help you move on from the things that are holding you back and it could make you understand that grief, pain and regret is normal and is a natural response.

7. A clairvoyant reading could make you forget about the things that has been haunting you.

8. A clairvoyant reading can heal you and the wound inside you.

What are the benefits of a mediumship reading?


1. A mediumship reading could connect you to the spirit or soul of a loved one who had already passed away and let you talk about the things that you want to know.

2.  A mediumship reading could provide closure from the people who had left you in this world without a word.

3.  A mediumship reading could make you believe that there really is life after our body dies here on Earth.

Whatever kind of reading you are planning to get for yourself, make sure that you know the difference of a clairvoyant and a medium so that you do no get your money wasted.


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