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Clairvoyant Medium Readings: Communication With Spirits

Clairvoyant medium readings are private sessions between a client and a medium that is done with the sole purpose of contacting a spirit or spirits. How long a reading occurs can never be known as the entire process usually happens at the discretion of the spirit relaying the message. The spirits alone decide what message or messages they feel are beneficial to us and so are not obligated to share more than what is needed.

A reading is generally set in the comfort of a peaceful and quiet environment, such that of a closed and darkened room to help avoid any distractions from noise coming from the outside world. Likewise, all manner of electronic devices should not be present in the reading area to avoid interruptions from happening. The procedure will most likely end satisfactorily, with the client gaining some degree of insight to a bothersome situation or problem connected with the spirit involved.

Most people assume that the medium should do all the work and that they should just play a passive role in the whole proceeding. This should not be the case. In fact, a client should be as receptive as much as possible so as to make the whole exercise a success. Nobody would want to work with a client who is hostile, detached or unresponsive, as this only create tension and frustration on the part of the medium and the spirit.

A great part of a reading depends greatly on the basis of all the participants working in a harmonious manner to establish a clear and strong connection between both worlds. A stoic client, a distressed medium, and a frustrated spirit will not make a good combination, and so will deem any reading a complete failure and an exercise of futility.

Reading mediumship falls into three categories: the clairsentient, clairvoyance, and the clairaudience. Clairsentient is when a medium senses with clarity of mind the presence of the spirit and its emotions. This first stage serves a clairsentient medium to extract messages by sensing the emotions of a spirit. Next is the clairvoyance stage wherein the clairvoyant medium can see the actual form of the spirits. This serves the medium to confirm a spirits identity, as well as observe its actions. Last is clairaudience where the medium is able to tune in and hear what the spirit has to say. Not all mediums are born and made with the same set of skills and experiences. Some may only be gifted with just one skill, a few with either of the two, and a few chosen ones having gifted in all three aspects.  

Mediums are gifted with different sets of skills and thus do their readings in accordance to what gifts that they have been blessed with. Although all of them work well in retrieving messages from the other side (at a client’s request), the methods they use are defined with whatever talents they possess. This does not necessarily mean that one method is better than the other. It simply means that a clairvoyant medium reading is the method used by a medium with clairvoyant abilities in contacting a spirit.


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